The victims of the MeToo help the university that the victims

  • The 25 women who have committed suicide in the PERIODIC report that the equality unions include people who know firsthand the problem

The 25 most powerful women of MeToo at the university who held their silence in the PERIOD expressed their confidence in the initiative launched by the ‘councils’ of Research and Universities and Women and Women to create a protocol that will serve as a brand todas las universidades para actuar ante casos de gender violations at the university office “means one paso adelante to put an end to this problematic “that the universities” arrastran in deep silence from hace tantos años “.

These teachers and investigators have demonstrated their disposition to “to collaborate of the mode that is most opportune “with the Consell Interuniversitari de Catalunya (CIC) to get acquainted with this lacra. He complained, without embarrassment, that these policies and actions were based on the fact that international scientific investigations he had demonstrated were unacceptable in advancing the superiority of civil violence in the university.

And one of these imprescindibles is that does not exclude the equalization committees of the universities the women he investigated on the subject were the women who always supported the victims. There are 25 women who have roto now their silent silence that llevan ocho años planteando these reivindications. I remember that Marta Soler –beadertics of UB and doctorate by Harvard– y Lidia Puigvert –profesora de la UB– fueron nombradas para participat in las commissions de igualdad de sus Universidades y posteriormente exclusas haber apoyado a viktimas.

Asimismo, denuncian que Rosa Valls, chair of the UB and director of the State’s first and only investigation on the subject, “has only been invited to participate in the equalization committees”. The three figures among the top 10 world experts in gender violence.

Confían en que el protocolo impulsado por las’ conselleries de Universitats e Igualtat sera “un paso adelante”

The voice of victims and experts

“It is very positive the initiative of the ‘councilors’ for the most important of them people he had to impulse these protocols and that he form the units of equality. Han de ser personas que se hayan signited by having protected the victimswhich is related to a personal and scientific trayectoria in the air against gender violence “, subraya Mar Joanpere, professor at Rovira University of Virgil. “We understand that the victims and the people he supports are in their commissions,” he insisted.

Otros of the international criteria that the most important diseases that are related to him, by a lad, the so-called ‘upstander intervention’, are, impulse the culture of intervene, dar la cara cuando uno ve un acto de acoso. Vinculado to this point, the toma de medidas para atajar la violencia aisladora against which I support the victims. In third place, institutional support continue to the victims.

The Commission for Women and Science of the Council of the Interuniversity of Catalonia will approve the drafting of the Protocol and its meeting on 23 February. Assistant representatives of all Catalan universities. This commission has long been an incentive for politicians to advance in the protection of the rights of women facing gender violence. One of them, the last month of May, saw the increase in protection in the victims with an agreement that facilitated his transfer to another university.

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La Conselleria de Recerca i Universitats, led by Gemma Geis – is the most recent publication as an investigator on precisely the work on the sexual order of the second order–, has in its governing plan for this legislature velar to guarantee the effective equalization of women and men, impulsive mediation as the follow-up of the plans igualdad and the protocols of the universities. También contemplan the incorporation of the gender perspective in teaching and research, a guide to advance in the parity of the collegiate bodies of the university system and promote positive discrimination actions in the university and achieve a follow-up. All actions are coordinated with the Consularia d’Igualtat.

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