The world value of broadcasting rights in the world sports industry was $ 52.1 billion in 2021, according to the Global Media Report by SportBusiness, which represents an increase of almost 7.2 billion (16%) compared to 2020, a year reduced by the pandemic and marked by renegotiation and reduction in contracts due to the loss of matches due to global restriction. It also represents an increase of about 1.2 billion compared to 2019.

Only the 10 sports with the most profitable deals together for $ 47.9 billion in 2021; the previous year this was a total of 41 500 million. Within them, the socks socks continues to monopolize the market and enters nearly $ 20.8 billion in transmission rights, i.e. 39.9% of total agreements around the world. This value slightly exceeds pre-pandemic income, but the recovery of the industry was led by ice hockey, American university sports, baseball and motorsports.

In March 2021, the NHL announced an agreement with ESPNowned by Disney, for seven years, which began with the start of the 2021-’22 season and will last until the 2027-’28 campaign; he later added Turner Sports. According to The New York Timesboth entities pay about $ 625 million a year.

In turn, the MLB has expanded its agreements over the past four years, most of which are valid until 2028. In 2018, he signed an extension with the domestic television station fox for 730 million per year, renewed in 2020 with Turner Sports for 470 million per year and in 2021 with ESPN for another 550 million.

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However, the league that will further strengthen the US market is the NFL, individual property prevails in transmission rights. In itself, it monopolizes 15.4% of the pie and will increase its dominance in 2023, when its new national agreements with Disney, fox, Comcast, CBS Y Amazon. Together, these networks will pay about $ 110 billion over 11 years, nearly doubling the value of their previous contracts.

The NFL These are usually the programs most watched on American television and the TV networks know their value, so they will pay $ 9 billion per season until 2033 and Amazon will add $ 1 billion for Thursday Night Football broadcasts.

In territorial matters, the United States concentrates most of its value on transmission rights. Its market has generated about 45.2% of global revenue ($ 23.5 billion) and is about to increase it with the new agreements of the NFL. In contrast, the European market expects modest growth and stagnation in the medium term at its best, mainly in the United Kingdom, France and Italy.

In the Middle East and North Africa region, piracy has not allowed to increase betting on broadcasting rights. BeIN Sportsone of the major television networks, remains cautious about its cost.

Stagnation and slow growth are also projected in India and Brazil, while the Latin American market is the only one expected to reduce its revenue in the coming years, despite the maximum value achieved in the region this year.


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