The Valtònyc labyrinth, by Álex Sàlmon

The decision of the Ghent Court of Appeal to reject the extradition to Spain of Valtònyc opens the door for beautiful rappers to be composed in Belgium that say, for example, “to blow up a Vlaams Belang bus with nitroglycerin loaded & rdquor; or that “Van Grieken deserves a nuclear destruction bomb.” And, incidentally, introduce some verses that describe something like: “We will get to the nut of your neck, bastard, finding ourselves in the palace of Sajonio-Coburgo, kalashnikov & rdquor; .

To locate, the Vlaams Belang It is the main party of the Flemish Parliament (extreme right, by the way), Van Grieken is its leader, and the Saxon, King Philip I of the Belgians, much criticized, by the way, for hosting such an extremist party when he was the winner of the Flemish elections in 2019. Reception that had not occurred since 1936, with Leopoldo III.

The name change cotton test usually works. The freedom of expression it endures everything until the concepts themselves are distorted by proximity. Everything becomes the evidence of a excessive and misshapen gestures. The closer, the more own, the worse it smells.

Entering the labyrinth of freedom of expression always has its risks. There is no clean sweep to support it, although the apology test well limits many ideas limited to inciting, for example, racism or gender violence.

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Of course, José Miguel Arenas Beltrán, that is, Valtònyc, could have little suspect when he composed his work at the age of 17, that his verses would end like this. In the same way that Jorge Campos, then president of the Círculo Balear Cultural Society and protagonist of the rapper’s attacks, today president of Vox in the Balearic Islands, and a whistleblower, did not expect to turn the then young rapper into a rebellion icon.

Freedom of expression or not, flamenco justice or the Supreme Court, it does not seem necessary to wish the death of anyone to show harsh social criticism. When the most interesting thing about Valtònyc, in 2012, was the use of Majorcan in his raps. Rap rural.

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