The Valencian Supreme Court confirms the 5-year sentence to the ex of Mónica Oltra for abusing a protected minor

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The Superior Court of Justice of the Valencian Community (TSJCV), has confirmed the 5-year prison sentence imposed on the ex-husband of Monica Oltra, Luis Eduardo Ramirez Icardi. He was convicted of sexually abusing a minor under the tutelage of the Generalitat Valenciana in the center where he worked as an educator.

It was Ramírez Icardi himself who appealed to the TSJCV the sentence of the Provincial Court of Valencia. In his appeal, he requested that the trial be completely repeated, considering that the magistrates sentenced him with “null objective impartiality”. He also expressly asked the victim to testify again.

The appeal, on the other hand, has been dismissed by the TSJCV. This is stated in the new sentence notified this Friday and disseminated by the legal representation of the minor, defended by the lawyer and leader of the far-right party Spain 2000, José Luis Roberto.

The initial ruling concluded that the educator, “una time he believed that she was asleep, took the girl’s hand and masturbated with her. the existence of two reports that questioned the victim’s testimony.

One of them was prepared by Espill Institute, and another the Ministry of Equality directed by Mónica Oltra, the head of minors under guardianship in autonomy. The court, on the other hand, accepted the one prepared by the Institute of Legal Medicine, which did believe the minor – as the Prosecutor’s Office also did.

No rerun

The defense of Luis Eduardo Ramírez Icardi, represented by the lawyer Ana Cal from the desktop Zapata Boluda, he insisted on the arguments that he already used to demand the total repetition of the trial. It considered that there was “a breach of procedural norms and guarantees.” Specific, “a violation of the right to an impartial judge”.

In his opinion, the court was predisposed to repeat the meaning of its ruling despite the appearance of the new reports, so a different court had to rule, not the same one. “The lack of impartiality that we have tirelessly wielded, both affected the order of admissibility of the evidence as to the substantiation and decision of the result of the test practiced in the oral trial, “stated the defense.

As regards the evidence, the defense tried to have the “leak quadrant” of the minor – denied in the previous process – with which they tried to prove that Luis Eduardo was not even present on some of the days on which, according to the sentence, the abuses took place.

In turn, the defense insisted on that Maite declared again -the minor who suffered the abuse, currently of legal age-. He already tried, also without success, when there was a partial repetition of the trial.

But the Superior Court of Justice of the Valencian Community has ruled in line with the Provincial Court. The TSJCV agrees to give credibility to the minor’s testimony, as defended by the Prosecutor’s Office and the Institute of Legal Medicine. Therefore, he maintains the 5-year prison sentence imposed on Ramírez Icardi, who will now be able to appeal again to the Supreme court.

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