The Valencian Community distributes almost the entire third prize of the 2021 Christmas Lottery, the 19517

The Third award of the Extraordinary Draw of the Christmas lottery, endowed with 500,000 euros per series (50,000 euros each tenth), he has smiled in 2021 to 19517. This number has been sung by the children of San Idelfonso at 11:32 am on the ninth wire of the fifth table, and has spread millions of Valencian Community.

Specific, 103 series have been sold in Valencia capital, 35 in Calella, 17 in Almería, 15 in Granollers and two in Badajoz.

The children Salvador Constantin Roa and Luis Alcides Paniagua sang number and prize and Santa Daniela de León Santa and Paula Figuereo Figuereo were in charge of extracting the balls, and they have also been lucky enough to deliver the second fourth prize and the third fifth prize.

17.5 million in Calella

In the Barcelona town of Calella, luck has been distributed in a bar, where they have touched 17.5 million. Speaking to Europa Press, the lottery that has supplied the number to the establishment, Robert Subirana, has declared himself very happy that he has played in that bar: “They are very simple people and I am very happy for them.”

Subirana has added that it is the first Christmas award that his administration distributes to this Catalan coastal town, which has been open for 10 years: his wife, who is the administrator, and he previously dedicated themselves precisely to restoration.

In total, 25 million have stayed in Catalonia.

The Thirteen of Almería

One of the anecdotes featured in this award was centered on the administration The Thirteen of Almería, run by the lottery Jesús Ibáñez, who every year hide 20 tenths of the Christmas Lottery in the Artés de Arcos neighborhood to promote solidarity and a festive atmosphere and that has distributed 8.5 million euros.

“Immense” joy has been the expression most used by Ibáñez to define his state of mind and that of his patrons, although he does not believe that “a thing of karma”, but that “there are simply more good people than bad in the world.”

Speaking to Europa Press, the lottery has celebrated that the 17 series of a number that “people have been carrying for a lot of years” and sold “tenth to tenth” through the window have remained “among the neighbors.” He has welcomed, above all, that some, if not the majority, of those 170 tenth winners are in the pockets of clients “who are known” and whom, as he timidly admits he knows, but whose anonymity he prefers to safeguard.

The idea of ​​hiding tickets in nooks of street furniture, trees and other spaces in the area, arose two years ago as a result of some works that were in the street and that made it difficult for pedestrians to pass. Recently, the lottery recognized that it was selling more than last year and that it was seeing neighbors again by the administration who “were missing.” The success of the initiative, which led people from other areas to get involved in the search, forced Ibáñez to stay up late to hide the tenths without being seen among the bins, benches or streetlights.

The pinch of Hacienda

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In the 2021 Christmas Draw, a total of 172 million tenths have been put up for sale. Therefore, the issue reaches 3,440 million euros, of which 70% is distributed in prizes, that is, it distributes 2,408 million euros in prizes.

The winners of a third prize (50,000 euros) will have to pay 2,000 euros and will keep 48,000 euros, while the rest of the prizes are exempt because they do not reach 40,000 euros. Technicians from the Ministry of Finance (Gestha) estimate that the Tax Agency will collect about 156 million euros for this tax in the Christmas Lottery.

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