Whether it is to go to work, for a walk with the family or as a symbol of independence, having a car can have implications beyond giving us mobility.

Just as each car is different and has its characteristics, choosing the best insurance for your vehicle is also, since you can select the best policy according to the use that you give to your vehicle, since the same protection is not required if you use it. a lot to travel on the road or only use it to commute from home to work.

Thanks to technological advances, now insurance companies and banks are not the only ones who offer this type of protection, many Insurtech also join the market and offer, in addition to speed and simplicity in the process, accessible and competitive prices, what that broadens the offer of alternatives in the market.

Pilar García, Director of Marketing and Operations at Rastreator.mx, emphasized that it is very important to determine the use that will be given to the vehicle, as this will help a lot to define the appropriate policy for each driver, according to their needs.

Knowing this information will help a lot to carefully review which policy is best, since protection is not the same for a young person who has just bought his first car than for a mother who only uses it to take her children to school.

“It will depend on the use made of the vehicle, it is clear that if you will not use your vehicle much, it is useless to have a super wide coverage, because you may not need all these guarantees or all the assistance,” he said in an interview.

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For example, if you go a lot to the United States by land, you would have to look for border coverage, as well as different guarantees that cover this type of departure when you travel to the neighboring country, but if it is not in this case, “why ask for a very extended guarantee ”, Questioned the specialist.

And he added: “or why do you want a policy that covers blows or paint on the car if you are only going to drive two streets.” The type of policy will depend a lot on your needs in order to fit your pocket.

However, he pointed out that by law it is mandatory to have the civil liability policy, as he recalled that in September 2019 it came into force that all vehicles need to have a minimum coverage to be able to circulate on federal roads, bridges and highways; if they do not have the policy, the driver may receive a financial penalty.

Your car influences the price

In addition to the use of your car, another important factor is its type, model and make, since it is not the same to insure a truck than a compact car or a motorcycle

According to the Insurance Information Institute, some cars are more expensive to insure than others, depending on many variables, such as the possibility of theft, the cost of replacing the car, the cost of repairs, as well as safety features and performance. vehicle.

Factors like the size of the engine can influence how much you will pay for the policy even for the same models or the same make, even cars that have high-quality safety devices may qualify for some specific discounts on premiums.

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“Insurers not only look at how safe the vehicle is for those who drive or ride in it, but also how much damage the unit can inflict on another vehicle,” the agency details.

Meanwhile, Insurtech Guros highlights that each company has its own criteria to estimate the cost of the policy. In general, they all include the year of the vehicle, model, version, as well as user data such as age, sex and marital status.

He recommends that in the case of a private car, some of the assistance that should be checked if they are contracted or added are the shipment of a tow truck, current pass, gasoline shipment and roadside assistance in case of need.

Price is not fought with protection

According to the expert, the cost of the policy should not command or decide on its purchase, “although it is a relevant factor, it is not the essential one.”

Although cost is a factor to consider, it is not the only one, since in the market there are a wide variety of traditional and technological companies that offer solutions for all drivers, cars and needs.

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In the case of a private car, some of the assistance that should be checked whether they are contracted or added are the shipment of a tow truck, a current pass, the shipment of gasoline and roadside assistance on trips.

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