The US removes the FARC from its blacklist of terrorist organizations

The United States announced on Tuesday that it is withdrawing ex-rebels from Colombian Revolutionary Armed Forces (FARC) from its list of terrorist organizations.

“The State Department revokes the designation of the FARC as a foreign terrorist organization,” said the Secretary of State, Antony Blink, it’s a statement.

“Following a 2016 peace agreement with the Colombian government, the FARC were officially dissolved and disarmed. They no longer exist as a unified organization dedicated to terrorism or terrorist activities, or with the capacity or intention to do so,” he added.

This removal of the FARC from the blacklist it does not change the position of the United States regarding the legal proceedings initiated or planned against former leaders of the group, especially those suspected of drug trafficking, Blinken said.

But the decision will help Washington support implementation of the agreement, for example by working with ex-combatants who laid down their arms.

Last Wednesday, Colombia commemorated the historic agreement of 2016 that allowed the reestablishment of peace and the disarmament of the Marxist guerrillas of the FARC, after one of the most cruel and longest conflicts in Latin America.

Under this agreement, the FARC, a movement that took up arms in the 1960sIn the middle of the Cold War, it became the Comunes political party, with guaranteed representation in parliament but without much influence at the polls.

The text provides for political and agrarian reforms that must be implemented before 2031.

Although the agreement significantly reduced violence, various armed groups operate in the country, including some dissidents from the FARC itself.

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