The United States begins 2022 with a new rise in applications for unemployment insurance

weekly requests for unemployment benefits They continued to rise in the United States in early January for the second week in a row, but remain very low as employers are reluctant to lay off in the face of labor shortages.

Between January 2 and 8, 230,000 people registered as unemployed to receive a subsidy, 23,000 more than the previous week, according to figures from the Department of Labor released this Thursday.

Analysts had expected registrations to fall again, forecasting some 202,000 registrations.

The american employers They’ve been facing a labor shortage for months, forcing them to keep their employees.

According to the latest available data, also released on Thursday, in the week of December 19 to 25 there were a total of 1.9 million people in the country receiving unemployment insurance, 226,264 more than the previous week, but ten times less than the 19 million in 2021 around the same time.

In December, the unemployment rate it fell to 3.9%, very little above the pre-pandemic level (3.5%).

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