The United Kingdom tries to reduce tension with France due to the migration crisis in the English Channel

In full voltage peak, the United Kingdom has tried smooth things with France after the clash unleashed by the migration crisis in the English Channel, where 31 people drowned this week. Despite the fact that, by Macron’s decision, there will be no British presence at the multilateral meeting scheduled for Sunday with the participation of Belgium, Germany, the Netherlands and representatives of the European Commission To tackle the crisis, London has reached out to “new creative solutions”, in the words of Secretary of State for Customs and Borders, Damian Hinds.

A letter from the Thursday British Prime Minister Boris Johnson to French President Emmanuel Macron, on measures to adopt, outraged in Paris. By the substance and by the form, since he posted it on twitter. Johnson proposed to the French president that he take care of the immigrants who arrived on British soil from France after returning them.

The letter, said the British secretary of state, has a tone “extremely collaborative” and I just wanted to verify that “we must deepen this collaboration”. “We British and French representatives have been working together on these important issues for years,” said Hinds.

In his opinion, the controversial missive “It fully recognizes what the French government has been doing and the fact that (immigration) is a common challenge.” “But now, particularly after the horrible tragedy, we must go further, deepen our partnership, expand what we do, agree on new creative solutions,” he stressed.

Joint patrols

In the controversial document, Johnson lists the five bilateral measures that, from his point of view, would allow “to advance more and faster” in the migratory crisis. Among them, “joint patrols to prevent more boats from leaving French beaches”, deployment of technology and an agreement with France on “returns” (of immigrants), as well as negotiations to establish a returns pact between the United Kingdom and the European Union, non-existent after Brexit. Regarding the offer to send British patrols to Gallic waters, Hinds has maintained that “no one proposes to violate sovereignty” but does emphasize that “more must be done” to monitor the French coast.

“You cannot simply say that it is difficult because there are hundreds of thousands of kilometers of coastline, we have to do whatever it takes to save human lives,” he argued. British secretary of state.

In parallel, the difficult efforts to identify the victims who drowned continue. Maryam Nuri Mohamed Amid, a 24-year-old Kurdish girl seeking to reunite with her husband in the UK, is the first publicly identified victim of the shipwreck in the english channel of a boat with migrants, in which 31 people died, reports the BBC.

A pregnant woman and three children

Seventeen men, seven women – one of them pregnant – and three children died in the tragedy last Wednesday, the worst in decades in the busy waters between France and England, which left two survivors, Iraqi and Somali nationalities, are now being interrogated on French soil.

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The British public channel collects statements from the husband of Maryam, nicknamed Baran, and her uncle from northern Iraq, who confirm that the young woman was in the precarious rubber boat that sank, although they did not know in advance that she was going to make the trip. Baran told the station that the young woman, from Iraqi Kurdistan, sent him several messages on Snapchat during the trip and, until the last moment, when they were bailing water, he trusted that the authorities would rescue them.

The boy said that Maryam’s arrival in the UK was going to be a surprise, while the uncle explained to the BBC from his country that the family learned of the death from people who were with her and now they hope that the body will be repatriated. . On Friday night, the family gathered at their home in the Iraqi north to pay tribute to the young woman, reports the public channel. The BBC also includes the testimony of the Maryam’s best friend, Imann Hassan, who says he was “very humble” and had “a big heart”. “When she left Kurdistan she was very happy, she couldn’t believe that she was going to meet her husband,” Hassan said, adding that “no one deserves to die like this.”

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