The UK detects a boom in drugged women in nightclubs by injection

A new criminal trend is booming in the United Kingdom. Several British women have reported being drugged when they spent the evening in a disco. With the news that the call “Rape drug”, that it leaves the person taking it unconscious and is usually given by mixing it with the victim’s drink, now it is also injected. British youth are denouncing this novel and sinister variant: a prick at the moment in which they are inoculated with the drug destined to make them lose consciousness and control in order to be subjected to sexual abuse.

The Minister of the Interior, Priti Patel, has ordered all the police forces of the country an urgent investigation of several cases of young girls who claim to have suffered the prick when they were at the disco.

Students over 50 UK universities They have launched an online campaign to boycott nightclubs during a day of protest on October 28 for not guaranteeing the safety of young women. A petition to Parliament to legally require nightclubs to check patrons at the entrance has already achieved more than 150,000 signatures.

Confused and terrified

19-year-old Sarah Buckle, student at the University of Nottingham, He has told on several television networks how on September 28, when he was in a club in that English city, he went from being perfectly well to not being able to speak or stand. His friends called an ambulance. The next morning he woke up in the hospital with a little sting in hand, which later turned into a bruise. “He hadn’t had much to drink and what he felt was completely different. I spent 10 hours in the hospital and I don’t remember anything at all. It’s crazy. I am confused and terrified. You can cover the drink, but how can you stop someone from poking you? ”Sarah wonders what could have happened to her if her friends weren’t there.

Zara Owen, also 19 years old, He completely lost his memory of what happened last Monday, after arriving at a bar. “I have never suffered from memory loss before. The next morning I woke up with severe pain in my leg and saw a sting at the epicenter of all pain. He couldn’t walk, he was limping. In college I have heard stories of people going to clubs and getting poked with needles. I have heard stories of people who have been punctured in the back or in the hand, that made me think about what had happened to me, “he added.

Emma MacDonald, 21, He claims to remain in a “state of shock.” After a night out with friends at the Nite Zone in Glasgow, a place frequented by students, he completely lost his memory of what happened. The next morning he noticed a bruise on his body that looked like “A scar with a sting in the middle & rdquor ;, He has explained on Channel 4. When three days later the area turned purple, he began to suspect. He went to the doctor and they have done a blood test to detect possible infections.

“It’s disgusting, I’m really scared to think that there are people who go out at night with the intention of doing harm.” Scottish police say in a statement they are investigating this and other alleged incidents in Edinburgh, Dundee, Glasgow and Aberdeen. There are similar investigations in Nottingham and Leeds, where a complaint was received last week of another assault with a syringe.

Crime on the rise

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The Parliament’s Home Affairs Committee has requested an urgent report on the scale of the problem. In his appearance before the deputies, Sarah Crew, the policewoman at the head of the sexual crimes department, acknowledged that “The drugs in drinks and injections are a trend” and the police are taking the matter “very seriously.” “There are health problems, there is aggression, the motivation of those who do it, what those who do it intend & rdquor ;, raises Crew to add:” It is fair to assume that the intention es sexual”.

Faced with the alarm that the complaints have caused the drug experts ask for calm waiting for a verification. Some stress that using syringes requires a certain level of medical training. While waiting for evidence on such a macabre method, what nobody disputes is that the so-called “rape drug & rdquor; mixed in drinks It is a proven crime and on the rise throughout the UK, increasing the insecurity of women.

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