The two: facing the wall!, by Joan Tapia

I read that after the invasion of Ukraine a liberal Russian wrote to a Western friend: “I am living a nightmare and I cannot wake up & rdquor ;. After a long and harrowing pandemic, it seems that the 20s of this century are going to be worse than those of the previous one.

A leading newspaper headline has said that Europe is already suffering a “stagflation attack”, high inflation and stagnant GDP. And it may be because the central banks, which are the ones that with minimum interest rates and massive bond purchases, have revived the economy, they are already throwing the sponge. They don’t know how to fight inflation and an incipient recession at the same time. Two parallel dangers that are vitamins for populism.

Spain is going to suffer –it is already beginning to be noticed– this double nightmare. And since we are not the richest country, a strong dose of common will would do us good in the face of a storm of unknown duration. Felipe González, who was the leader of the left and is today praised by the right, has declared to José Antonio Zarzalejos: “We should make a great national pact, of response to the crisis, between the two central actors, the PSOE and the PP, open to all who wish to join. It would be like, saving the distances, the pacts of La Moncloa, which were an income agreement so as not to harm us in the endless spiral of prices and wages & rdquor ;. Is right. Rising prices and falling employment (there are companies that cannot bear the price of electricity) can lead us to a dead end.

Is there any chance that in the current climate of civil war not bloody this recipe is served by Pedro Sánchez and Núñez Feijóo? It is not useful to despair, but as the crisis in Castilla y León has been resolved (resolved?), there is not much hope. Feijóo, who reaches the presidency of the PP With a pragmatic and focused image, it could have delayed the outcome and sought an abstention from the PSOE so that the extreme right did not enter, for the first time, in an autonomous government. He has not done it because he has thought that The most prudent thing was not to start his leadership with controversy. Should ‘sanchismo’ stop being the devil and become a respectable enemy? Feijóo believes that Mañueco will eat the brown and that he has time ahead of him. Why start your mandate by excommunicating Vox and agreeing with an ally of Podemos, ERC and Bildu?

In the short term, it may be right. But she has already lost some feather, disturbed the PNV and displeased Donald Tusk, the president of the European PP.

but Peter Sánchez has also missed an opportunity. It could have made the PSOE abstain “totally free & rdquor; so that the extreme right – as happens in Germany and France – does not legitimize itself in the governments. And it hasn’t done so because the PP hasn’t asked for it in a timely manner – you’re right there – but also because believes that the pacts with Vox are going to harm the PP in the next Andalusian elections and in the general elections of 2023. Perhaps from a partisan point of view he is right, but Sánchez must know that has a big black hole in the political center that harms you. He could have been less partisan.

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Sánchez and Feijóo, two experienced politicians with notable electoral successes behind them, they have prioritized party politics – and worse, bloc politics – over the convenience, in the midst of a serious world crisis, of forging a minimum consensus. Feijóo must think that in times of lean cows La Moncloa will be a torture rack for Sánchez. And Sánchez believes that having someone who agrees with the populist extreme right as an electoral alternative will be profitable for him. They may be right. González won in 1982 after that of “NATO, from the outset, no”. And Aznar beat him in ’96 accusing him of being the axis of corruption and with the suspicion that he was the X of the GAL.

Today we should already be less elementary. And they would suit us more structured politicians who did not only bet on the short term. This week, Sánchez and Feijóo have not. But disqualifying them doesn’t fix anything either. Today, perhaps it is better to just put them facing the wall, which is like a long time ago –in a municipal school in the Barcelona of the first 50– They shamed us, before threatening us with “the rat room & rdquor ;, the gullible children who had misbehaved.

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