The ‘Turkish passion’ continues with an app in Spanish of successful series

As happened 40 years ago with the emergence of Latin American soap operas, Spain has been experiencing a fever for Turkish series for three years. The irruption in 2018 of the successful fiction ‘Fatmagül’ on our television he unleashed that ‘Turkish passion’ that continues to this day, and that bursts audiences in the Spanish generalist networks on its different channels, mainly in Antena 3 (‘Woman’, ‘My daughter’) and to a lesser extent in Mediaset (‘Love is in the air’). To the point that it has even found its niche in the Catalan regional channel TV-3, which recently premiered ‘Germans’.

But what the streaming service proposes Kanal D Drama, that after passing through the US and Latin America has just arrived in Spain, it is Turkish fiction dubbed 100% into Spanish (neutral). A total of 4,000 hours of programmingn, with four titles that are emitted daily from Monday to Friday and 19 more that can be seen at once (” Fatmagül ‘,’ The thousand and one nights’, ‘My life is you’, ‘Beyond the clouds’, among other). Fictions all of them starring actors and actresses already well known in Spain. as Beren Saat (‘Fatmagül), Kerem Bürsin (‘Love is in he air’), Bugra Gülsoy (‘Fatmagül’, ‘Mi hija’) and Hait Ergenç (‘The thousand and one nights’), among others.

According to Francheska León de la Barra, director of Marketing and Communication of Kanal D Drama, that the series produced in Turkey, second exporting country television channels worldwide, have created a new category of fiction, a mixture of American soap opera, soap opera and series, is due to several factors. In the first place that “they deal with topics universal timeless that take place in modern environments and that transport the viewer & rdquor ;. And that is precisely another factor. “Part of the success is that they have the ability to convey to the audience what is the world and turkish culture”.

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“They also have a lot to do with the characters that star in them. “strong women, fighters, who are always at the forefront& rdquor ;, in which this mostly female audience is reflected (between 35 and 45 years old, mainly, in the case of Kanal D Drama). Another reason lies in “that they have a much higher production value than a traditional soap opera, since they make use of outdoor locations and a little more exotic than a television studio.

The new app, which does not need a subscription to a payment operator, can be downloaded from Apple App Store y Google Play for Chromecast-enabled mobile devices and tablets, and soon also on Roku, Amazon Fire TV and Samsung smart TVs. The jar is of 3.99 euros per month.

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