The TSJC orders “to preserve the protection and privacy” of the Canet family

  • The parents of the minor under P5 who managed to have 25% of the classes in the course be in Spanish have received threats and harassment

The judicial front on linguistic coexistence is complicated. The Superior Court of Justice of Catalonia has ordered the Department of Education and the management of the Turó del Drac school in Canet de Mar to adopt the “necessary measures” to “preserve protection and privacy” of the minor of P5 who got 25% of the classes of the course to be in Spanish and that of their parents. The objective, according to the providence, is to guarantee “normal coexistence and the peaceful deployment of the educational environment,” according to the resolution to which EL PERIÓDICO has had access.

In their petition to the TSJC, the student’s parents recalled that they had received numerous insults, threats and humiliations and for that reason they requested that the school and the Generalitat be urged to guarantee their safety, as has happened. They indicated that after “the meeting that the center’s management held with the parents of the class in which he is enrolled,” the minor was created a few hours later “a public WhatsApp group that uses the school’s logo and that has as The aim is to hinder the execution of the precautionary measures, “according to El Mundo.

“Very serious threats”

It is in this group that “very serious threats are made towards” them and their child, demanding that “the center identify the family and the child, who is expressly asked to be expelled from the center or to be emptied in the classroom In more extreme comments, the knowledge of the family’s domicile is demanded so that he can be stoned. “

Among the messages they stood out: “I am about to stone this child’s house. Let them go outside of Catalonia. We do not want Castilian supremacists who hate us”; “This child should be left alone in class”; “The parents of the rest of the family should leave the child alone, the children should not return until this situation is fixed, and so on in every place where it happens”; “Apartheid to the family that wants to destroy our school and our model. They are not welcome since they do not want Catalonia. They can go where they have come.”

The Barcelona Prosecutor’s Office has initiated investigation proceedings to study the legal significance of the tweets and messages referring to Canet’s family that he asked for classes in Spanish for his daughter. The entity Hablamos Español and the Vox party have presented the complaints that have allowed the Public Ministry start the investigation.

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The Hablamos Espanol association had filed a complaint with the Superior Prosecutor of Justice of Catalonia against the authors of various Twitter messages addressed to thehe family that got the justice to recognize the right to 25% of teaching in Spanish at school. Among the messages published, according to the complainants, one of the Twitter accounts of a man, apparently a former professor of the Degree in Tourism at the UAB, stands out: ‘I’m going to stone this child’s house. Let them go outside of Catalonia . We do not want Castilian supremacists who hate us’ “.

The Minister of the Interior, Fernando Grande-Marlaska, It was already advancing this Thursday that any threat to coexistence in Catalonia She would be investigated and asked to have confidence in the security forces and the judiciary. “The issues are clear: any possible threat in serious events for coexistence, especially when we are speaking in those terms, will be investigated in its case, and we have confidence in the investigation of both the security forces and the judiciary,” he said.

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