• The court dictates precautionary measures in response to the demand of a family from the Turó del Drac school

  • Other families in the center announce protest actions when feeling “harmed” by the court decision

The Superior Court of Justice of Catalonia (TSJC) has responded to a family’s request for their child, a P-5 student, to receive more education in Spanish and, pending sentencing, has decreed precautionary measures so that the school the child attends, the Turó del Drac school in Canet de Mar. (Maresme), teach in Spanish the 25% of classes from this student’s group. The measure has been announced this Friday and is one of the 80 judicial processes opened by families since 2005 in Catalonia. In the end, a figure, that of 80 students in 16 years, which represents, according to data from the Department of Education, 0.0003% of all Catalan students.

In this case, the family asked for 50% of the education in Spanish, but the TSJC has stuck to its previous positions and has limited it to 25%. The Secretary General for Education, Patrícia Gomà, explained that, as has been done in previous cases, the Inspection will prepare a plan to apply these precautionary measures that will then be transferred to the center to implement it. It is expected that the measures will begin to be applied when classes are resumed after the Constitution bridge.

Gomà has pointed out that this case is different from the final ruling of the TSJC that requires 25% of Spanish to be taught in all educational centers. “This Canet case is an individualized legal situation, which affects a specific student with a name and surname from a specific class group.”

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The Secretary General of Education has positively valued the fact that some of the families whose children share a class with the child referred to in the precautionary measures of the TSJC have “raised your voice” to express your protest due to the fact that “they are forced to undergo these measures” requested by a single family. “We believe it is positive that families whose children share a class and who feel harmed because a percentage of Spanish is imposed on them that is not included in the project of the center that they chose to educate their children, “said Gomà.” This also serves as a thermometer, because there are dissatisfied families, harmed by these precautionary measures “, has added.

Indeed, some families from the Turó del Drac school have already announced protest actions via Twitter

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These families consider that the TSJC measures “rethink the Catalan school model and the linguistic immersion project in the P5-A group” of the school.


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