The Truth of Pablo Iglesias, by Álex Sàlmon

Does not look Paul Church a clumsy human being when it comes to explaining himself. His virtue has always been to summarize in a word or two concepts that are difficult to convey. The idea of ​​”the cupboards” is outstanding, it explains everything.

That naturalness in the message, whether true or false, collapsed this weekend a pre-campaign in Valladolid. The textuality of the phrase was: “I am no longer a politician, I can tell the truth…”.

The video went for and against as usual. To some his sincerity is honorable, to others it shows the extent to which he was a liar.

Anyway, the expression is sorry. We would say more: exaggeratedly unfavorable for a character with a political life who apparently shouts better to be out of it, and says this in a Castilian-Leonese pre-campaign. Conflicting.

There is nowhere to catch the idea and it facilitates the interpretation that all politicians are lying or, worse, being forced to lie. what a regeneration idea had the regenerator on the left!

In this act, he pointed out another concept that seems much more dangerous. Presumably Iglesias was sincere in explaining the conflict between Russia and Ukraine. I tried crumbles the word “geopolitics & rdquor; to summarize that in these cases there is no ideology but power.

“When you hear someone say that international relations are a matter of ideologies, they should not believe. Geopolitics is about the interests of states and, ultimately, of companies linked to those states & rdquor ;.

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I leave the statement in a paragraph because coming from a political scientist it has substance. If we look at the geopolitics of the 20th century, at the international relations of the beginning of that century, at the world wars or at the Civil War itself, were there only interests of companies? Or was it ideology in the service of state interests?

wrote Rafael Argullol that “in a time of widespread deception, betting on one’s own truth is a revolutionary act & rdquor;. Truths, lies, ideologies, pressures, interests… It’s all part of the game. It’s the truth.

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