The Trumpists of Quebec and Ottawa

Donald Trump and his Trump troops have entered Canada. For the first time, these Trumpists dare to act together, first in Ottawa, then in Quebec.

Who are these Trumpists? Getting tired of the health measures against COVID-19 is not enough to become a Trumpist. By this count, almost 100% of the population would be Trumpist.

Trumpists are those who believe that governments, media, and elites of all kinds hide the truth and manipulate the public. They also believe that their minority libertarian positions are majority.

On this basis, they consider themselves justified in carrying out violent revolutions to make their ideas triumph.

So a few hundred people besiege Ottawa with the pretension of overturning the health policy decisions of a legitimately elected government.

The same pseudo-logic animates the protesters who gathered in Quebec.

Trump has also recognized the paternity of these movements by calling Justin Trudeau a “crazy far left”. Trudeau has many faults, but he is neither mad nor far left.

Trumpism here agglomerates around it the same groups as in the United States: religious fundamentalists, outcasts and, above all, people who do not understand much about politics, but who are quick to believe all the wacky QAnon-type theories.

Trumpism also attracts opponents of Wokism who do not find support in the traditional parties.

As in the United States, these Trumpists are a danger to democracy because they refuse to play the game. They refuse to lose elections or recognize that their positions are in the minority.

Threats and Limits

In Canada, they are threatening to take over the Conservative Party of Canada.

However, unlike the United States, the Trumpists currently have little chance of taking power.

Here, campaign spending limits limit the power of money over elected officials. Electoral districts are not drawn arbitrarily to favor one party. The Canadian Supreme Court is not as political as in the United States.

Finally, the religious fundamentalists do not occupy the immense place that they hold in the United States.

Despite everything, an increasingly large part of the population feels alienated from elected officials. One of the problems is that they exert too little power.

Ottawa compared to Quebec

The best example of this weakness of the leaders lies in the difference in treatment of the demonstrators between those of Ottawa and those of Quebec.

In Ottawa, a minority of a few hundred demonstrators is poisoning the lives of hundreds of thousands of people. The authorities refuse to protect the majority against the wrongdoings of a small minority. In Quebec, on the contrary, the authorities asked the police to crack down on the wrongdoings.

We can already compare the results of the two approaches.

Trumpism feeds on weak reactions to intimidation.

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