The Trinitarians killed the young man from Madrid in revenge for the murder of the 15-year-old footballer

They killed ‘the Perezbecause they thought he had killed to Pepe. The young people – between ten and fifteen, according to the first testimonies – who on Wednesday at noon ambushed and murdered the 18-year-old boy, in the Villaverde neighborhood, in Madrid, blamed him for another crime, the murder with machetes of Jaime warrior, aka Pepea 15-year-old footballer, at the entrance of a nightclub on Atocha street, on February 5, as CASO ABIERTO, the investigation and events channel of Prensa Ibérica, has learned.

Police are still investigating that February murder and had among his suspects the young man known as ‘el Pérez’, linked to the Dominican Don’t Play (DDP) gang. The investigations indicate that between six and eight members of that gang attacked Jaime Guerrero, whom they accused of betraying them to go over to the group of Trinitarians. The police specialists had some indications against ‘el Pérez’ and continued to investigate his possible involvement in the crime, but still had not been charged formally nothing. However, for the Trinitarians he was already guilty.

green hearts

The day after the Atocha crime, members and followers of the Trinitarians decided to avenge the soccer player’s death. Even They announced it on social media signing some messages and videos with green hearts, the color of the Trinis.

Since then, as this media has learned, They were gathering information about the young man of 18 years. They found out where she lived, they found out her routines, and last Wednesday they ambushed her just after half past twelve. at least ten of them they waited for him very close to his housenext to some train tracks, and attacked him in the nearby park with daggers, machetes and knives, on the back and abdomen. The young man collapsed in the middle of Alcocer street, in the Villaverde neighborhood.

Battle of the Bands

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Trinitarios and Dominican Don’t Play, two gangs of Dominican origin, have a merciless war for control of some areas of Madrid, especially in the neighborhoods in the southeast of the capital. Refusing to join a gang can be a reason to be killed, as happened to the young Isaac López alias Little Kinky, who was murdered on July 14, 2021 in a tunnel in Madrid at the hands of a group or choir of the DDP. The police have arrested four young people for that murder.

Leaving one of these groups to go to another is almost a death sentence. In fact, as this medium revealed, the police had already saved the life of the young Jaime Guerrero, alias Pepe, one night in December, when watching several DDP gang members they discovered them at the door of his house, to kill him. In February they couldn’t help it. Now, in April, the Trinidadians have fulfilled their announced revenge. And another chapter can begin.

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