The color photos, taken from the printer, are displayed in front of the civil party’s lawyer,
like a puzzle that justice has difficulty putting in order. We see a group of
helmeted policemen with agitated gestures. Then a body folded in two, pulled by force, between several
silhouettes. And another baton against his face, like a pixelated shadow line
the image, giving the impression of a bad blow under a melee, out of sight. Finally
blood, on the ground, on his hands, then his startled gaze when he escapes. Who knocked ?

“It is unbearable for me to hear this decision,” responded Arthur.

Faced with these new images, the Lyon Criminal Court chose to order a
additional information, in the trial of two police officers from the anti-crime squad
(BAC) which was to be held this Tuesday, February 23. Suspected of having delivered the blows that
seriously injured a young demonstrator in the face, December 10, 2019, place Bellecour in
Lyon, the two police officers are being prosecuted for “willful violence by agents holding public authority”. The judges felt that expertise was needed to analyze all of the videos and photos. “Further investigation should retrace the unfolding of the scene and study the role of each protagonist”, explained the
president, Margareth Stragier. The additional information is entrusted to a judge
instruction, and the trial postponed to September 28, 2021.

“It is unbearable for me to hear this decision”, reacted to magistrates Arthur Naciri,
24 years old, victim of alleged police violence. The young man had nine teeth and the
jaw broken during this demonstration marked by many incidents. Near
10,000 participants marched, with 22 police officers and three protesters injured at the end
of the course, place Bellecour. Black blocks threw projectiles against the forces of
order. A video shows a group of the BAC cornered against a wall, under pressure from the
crowd, with CGT unionists who firmly try to dissuade the demonstrators
to go to contact. We can make out the silhouette of Arthur Naciri who goes around them, sneaks around and
approaches the police, before being caught by an official.

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Images not used by the IGPN

After this blow on the mouth, the young man still undergoes dental surgery operations and cannot eat normally. He left the courtroom angry, shocked by this new deadline, all the more difficult to accept as it is at the origin of the judicial rebound. These images appeared in the file, described briefly in the report, without having been fully exploited by the General Inspectorate of the National Police (IGPN).

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