The Treasury includes in the Budget a “limited tax reform” against Calviño’s criteria

The same reason that the Budgets (PGE) have accelerated suddenly in the last week can be harmed as a result of the consequences of the acceleration. Hacienda has accepted include in the public accounts of 2022 a “limited tax reform”, as this newspaper has been able to confirm in government sources.

It will be a “meeting point” that responds to one of the two main demands of United We Can: the minimum rate of 15% in Companies and the rise in personal income tax to the highest rents, and to all of it Vice President Nadia Calviño refused until last weekend.

This same Monday, the minister met at the headquarters of the Treasury Maria Jesus Montero and Nacho Alvarez, Secretary of the Economy of Podemos and Yolanda Díaz’s envoy to these negotiations.

Government sources explain to this newspaper that the need to fulfill the commitments with Brussels before the end of the year was the reason why Calviño gave the order last Tuesday to close the draft as soon as possible. How will Moncloa’s rush be, that this Monday morning, there was a call from the Presidency to the environment of Díaz raising the possibility of taking the bill this Tuesday to the Council of Ministers.

But those same rush would have caused the socialist cession against the criteria expressed by the first vice president so far: “We must respect the mandate given to the commission of experts and wait for its conclusions in February,” said Calviño. And it is that, in view of the fact that United We Can not be taken for granted -that is, that they did not renounce any of their demands in the negotiation-, Montero has ordered to advance certain fiscal adjustments in the bill.

Nacho Álvarez and María Jesús Montero, in the negotiation of the 2021 Budgets.

Nacho Álvarez and María Jesús Montero, in the negotiation of the 2021 Budgets.

Sources from his department assured this Monday that all documentation is prepared, waiting for the political order. If Moncloa still insists on taking the PGE this Tuesday to the Council of Ministers, he only has to “give the order.”

And that in Podemos still last night they affirmed that “the positions are very far away”, and they awaited the concretion of the adjustments to which the economic team of the Government agrees, in socialist hands, to confirm if there is progress or not.

“They risk elections”

Because, in any case, the purple ones want to verify the will to comply with the rest of the political demands: the Family Law of the Ministry of Ione Belarra -with secured financing for its universal childbearing benefit-, improvements in the Minimum Living Income (IMV) and the unlocking of the Housing Law.

“If there is no intervention of the rents to lower prices, as it was signed, either we stop it or the investor partners stop it,” warn sources close to Díaz and Belarra. A) Yes Gabriel Rufián also transmitted it to Félix Bolaños last Tuesday, within the round of contacts of the Minister of the Presidency with the parliamentary groups.

In fact, this same Thursday a meeting is scheduled in the Congress of representatives of United We Can with spokespersons from ERC, Bildu, BNG, Más País, and Compromís to pressure the PSOE with the unlocking of the Housing law. “If they present the draft without meeting those requirements, what the PSOE risks is ending up in elections… and they know it “, conclude the purple sources.

Collateral damage

That transfer of the PSOE to the United We Can not only secure its 35 votes in Congress and a good disposition to negotiate with the parliamentary partners of ERC and Bildu – the PNV is already in charge of the socialists. As we said, it would also bring other collateral damage as a result.

The second vice president, Yolanda Díaz, and the Minister of Social Security, José Luis Escrivá, meeting with unions and employers.

The second vice president, Yolanda Díaz, and the Minister of Social Security, José Luis Escrivá, meeting with unions and employers.


The bosses are clawing because of United We Can campaign against big companies– “the Ibex” on the one hand and the “electric oligarchy” on the other. And above all, if the imposition of a 15% tax is confirmed “at least, fixed and suddenly” at a time of economic uncertainty, in which even the official figures of the INE contradict the discourse of “robust recovery “from Calviño.

The Government has at least two fronts open in the social dialogue that it must seal before the end of the year, if it wants the European Commission to give its approval to the release of the first package of 27,000 million euros Of funds Next Generation EU planned for next year. And two more where you need to maintain social peace at all costs.

Two lame tables

In the first section is pension reform, stuck in the mollar: how to reduce the impact on the Social Security accounts of the retirement of the baby boomers. And also, the labor reform, in which the employer, Calviño and the European Commission defend one position and the minister of the branch, the opposite … and that minister is Yolanda Díaz: how can Sánchez satisfy one vice president without antagonizing the other? Or rather, what should the PSOE give in this time for Podemos to accept swallowing a toad?

The two negotiations are mandatory to collect from the EU. And in both, the table is three-legged and still limps. The unions stand up with United We Can, and while, the PSOE has to make a balance between its partners and the employers. CEOE and Cepyme have little to gain, no motivations to give an agreement to the Executive … and a lot of accumulated fatigue of pacts that support a government that, they consider, increasingly tightens in unfavorable circumstances.

And in the second section, with large entrepreneurs, freelancers and SMEs very annoyed with the last few, we will have to face a very tough month to the definitive extension of the ERTE product of the pandemic – and the design of the “stable model of this instrument” -. In addition to, finally, another push to the Minimum Interprofessional Salary (SMI) that goes into effect on January 1.

If the members of one table do not get up to Sánchez, the social agents of the other can do so.

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