The traitors | Peepholes in slow motion

If you know the Dutch format The Traitorsyou may sigh and yawn several times during the first episode of the reality show Traitorswhich Noovo presents Monday at 8 p.m.

It’s loooong (90 minutes) and we get bogged down a lot in the regulations, which the host Karine Vanasse explains and re-explains right side up and backwards, it’s a necessary step for putting the a new show, no choice.

If you don’t know at all The Traitorsyou still risk being lost and confused by this avalanche of rules, which seem very complex, but which become clear as the season progresses.

In short, this first episode, confused and devoid of suspense, is not 100% convincing. In addition, after 1 hour 30 minutes of viewing, no one is eliminated from this reality game modeled on the classic Werewolves, it’s really frustrating. Also, an agitated and aggressive competitor sucks up all the attention and diverts conversations to stupid issues like her damn sunglasses. Get her out of here, it’s urgent.

It’s a shame, because Traitors finds its rhythm at the end of the second episode, which propels the plot in a frankly more thrilling direction. But will there still be diehards listening?

In Traitors, which will extend over ten weeks, Baroness Karine Vanasse, who wears flamboyant outfits and extravagant hairstyles, welcomes 20 guests to her sumptuous mansion for a televised game of murder mysteries. Among these 20 candidates, who do not know each other, the mistress of ceremonies will secretly choose 3, who will become the famous traitors of the reality TV title.


Karine Vanasse is the host of the show Traitors.

Only the traitors know that they are traitors and the 17 other players, called the faithful, will try to unmask them.

In this “full Agatha Christie” atmosphere, we will have to act quickly, because the traitors meet every evening to destroy one of the faithful, without the possibility of resurrection. Good evening ! The goal of the game is to survive as long as possible to obtain the prize pool which can swell up to $100,000, depending on the success of the players in different physical and mental challenges.

Contrary to Big Brother Celebrities and to Get me out of here!, Traitors recruited its participants from the “general public” and not from the directory of the Union of Artists (UDA). But several of them already have a certain notoriety. Like diver and Olympic hopeful Cédric Fofana, former secret agent Michel Juneau-Katsuya, ex-SPVM detective sergeant and author Philippe Paul, criminal lawyer Vicky Powell and poker champion Isabelle “No Mercy” Mercier.

Gathered at the Rouville-Campbell mansion, in Mont-Saint-Hilaire, the cast also includes a medium (Giuliana, known as the Fairy of the West), a firefighter (Adains), a real estate broker (Étienne), a federal civil servant (Chelsea ), a TV researcher (Maxence), a neuropsychologist (Mathieu), two plane pilots (Axel and Meriem) as well as a former customs officer (Ismaëlle).

I loved the second season of The Traitorsoffered on Crave, which features 20 former reality TV contestants (Big Brother, Survivor, etc.). These people know how to play, manipulate and scheme. In comparison, amateur players of Traitors of Noovo seem less on their case, let’s say.

At the helm Traitors, Karine Vanasse could further exaggerate her character as the chatelaine who pulls the strings of this cruel and deadly experience. In the American version, actor and host Alan Cummings plays a delicious Machiavellian villain who adopts a sharp Scottish accent, who punctuates his sentences with dramatic pauses and whose costumes rival those of Marie-Mai in Big Brother. He is fantastic.

Traitors would benefit from drawing inspiration from The Traitorswhich moves faster and which 100% assumes its kitsch and flamboyant side.

Copious reality TV


Danick Martineau, the big winner of Big Brother Celebrities

Danick Martineau’s victory at Big Brother Celebrities Sunday evening had been clearly looming for three weeks. In summary: the young 25-year-old comedian won almost all the challenges and challenges, leaving only crumbs and crusts of Salvatoré pizza for his roommates.

His final move to eliminate his ally and greatest rival, Charles Hamelin, one half of the Batman and Robin duo, almost backfired. Three jurors out of seven (Daniel Savoie, Joëlle Paré-Beaulieu and Frédérique Turgeon) preferred YouTuber Gabrielle Marion, probably the least formidable candidate of the final quartet.

During the coronation, the emotional vote (against someone) carries as much weight as the rational vote (for someone). By locking up his emotions in a pot of slop, Danick Martineau offended and manipulated several of his comrades, who digested him badly.

For the grand final, Danick Martineau had estimated (correctly, in the end) that his chances of triumphing were greater alongside a floating player like Gabrielle Marion than with a fierce competitor like Charles Hamelin.

In the latest twist of this thrilling fourth season, it was Batman (Charles Hamelin)’s vote for his Robin (Danick Martineau) which allowed him to win the prize pool. Very noble and gentlemanly of Charles, indeed.

This abundant season of reality TV continues with Survivor Quebec on Noovo, the first episodes of which released a very raw competitive energy. During the reward event on Monday evening, Sansdrick Lavoie’s mother, retiree Caroline, 59, lost her temper and shouted at her competitor Florence: “You won’t get it, my bitch. » It is rare for participants to insult and abuse each other at Survivor Quebec.

In this same ordeal where the joyful castaways competed for a lifeline, retiree André, 65, gave Nabil the finger after losing the fight and suffering an arm lock. Who will be the first competitor to say “OK boomer” to Caroline or André?


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