The top 5 reasons why people quit a job in Mexico

For what reason would you leave your job? In Mexico, the main reasons are linked to the continuity of studies, salary improvement, job insecurity and the demand for care. In the first quarter of this year there were reports 773,252 events of job abandonmentaccording to the National Survey of Occupation and Employment (ENOE).

Unlike economies such as the United States, where the phenomenon of “the great resignation” has left figures of up to 4 million people abandoning their jobs for reasons such as loss of flexibility or revaluation of work, in Mexico there has been A more moderate increase in episodes of resignations was observed, without a change in the causes that traditionally motivate the labor force of our country to leave their jobs.

“This responds to the way our market is structured. People make the decision to leave their jobs strictly depending on the context in which they find themselves. The change for the better working conditions it tends to be a frequent movement due to the precariousness of the Mexican market,” explains Ornella Ortiz, labor market specialist and professor at the National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM).

This year, two out of every 10 episodes of job abandonment they were linked to people’s interest in continuing to study, a more recurrent reason among workers under 29 years of age. Although historically this cause is one of the main ones, only four times has it encompassed the highest proportion of resignations.

The top five causeswhich together account for 72% of the resignations registered in the first quarter of 2022, are:

  1. Continue studying or resume studies – 19%
  2. Deterioration of working conditions or health risk – 16%
  3. Income improvement or self-improvement – 15%
  4. Due to marriage or pregnancy – 14%
  5. Due to labor conflicts with superiors – 8%

“There is a certain general disagreement with labor dynamics. There are issues of violence, but also the issue of caring for women who are leaving the labor market due to parenting or pregnancy. We have known for years that there are people leaving the working market because of these dynamics”, exposes Alejandra Padilla, co-founder of the Recrea firm.

The number of resignations that was reported in the ENOE for the start of this year represents an annual growth of 36 percent. Although this rebound is explained by the fact that in the first quarter of 2021 the lowest figure of the last 15 years of events of job abandonment. In fact, the rate observed in 2022 is 7% lower than its level prior to the impact of the pandemic.

Pending subjects in the labor market

From the perspective of Ornella Ortiz, the dimensions of the resignations motivated by the search for benefits and salary improvement is a phenomenon that draws attention. “It’s not just about having a salary, but protection such as social security because it was just now that we saw the risks to health and the importance of accessing health services.”

In this sense, the specialist believes that the fact that a recurring reason for resignation is the deterioration of working conditions “puts the finger on the sore spot”, because it shows the precariousness of job opportunities and the relevance that benefits have for people, as well as salaries.

“It is a reminder of the importance that salary has had for some time, but also benefits, both social security and vacations or bonuses. The ones with the opportunity to resignusually the concerns are directed in that direction, “emphasizes Ornella Ortiz.

Among other pending issues that show the main causes of job abandonment in Mexico, Alejandra Padilla considers that the lack of support for combine studies and work It is one of the challenges that the labor market still faces, which explains why the continuation of studies is the main reason for leaving a job.

“Really, there is still a lot of awareness to understand what policies should be implemented in the workplace to retain people. In various sectors there are high levels of turnover, hopefully the pandemic will give you a different perspective regarding the importance of your internal policies and processes betting on retaining people and creating safe and inclusive environments, even in the area of ​​studies, there are companies that allocate time and resources for this”, he adds.

Something similar happens with the termination of employment due to pregnancy, a situation that not only shows the demand for care that falls disproportionately on women, but also the relevance that the labor market gives to people who do not perform care tasks. “The ideal employee is a person who doesn’t even have time to cook for himself,” says Alejandra Padilla.

“The fact that people have to leave their jobs to be able to continue studying or to take care of them, allows us to see a dynamic in which some work centers do not show interest in really guaranteeing better living conditions for people,” he says.

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