The times of Yolanda Díaz, by Jorge Fauró

Politics is a discipline taken from an obituary or the old birth records who still publishes a newspaper. There are political deaths like Casado’s; resurrections, like Feijóo’s; and births like that of Yolanda Díaz. While some projects disintegrate, such as that of Pablo Casado at the head of the PP, others become official and start to work, for example, the one that was announced last night, unnoticed among the crowd of resignations of the Popular Partywith García Egea at the head, the second vice president and Minister of Labor, Yolanda Díaz.

The left has accustomed us to move one step behind what marketing advises. Diaz announced for spring the start of a six month tour by Spain in the context of a “listening process” with civil society that will serve to put together its project, of which we only knew the packaging back in November, when he convened an act in Valencia together with the mayor of Barcelona, ​​Ada Colau, the leader of Compromís, Mónica Oltra, her counterpart in Más Madrid, Mónica García, and Fátima Hamed Hossain, member of the Assembly of Ceuta for the Movement for Dignity and Citizenship. What awaits us is a Yolanda Díaz tour 2022.

The November act sounded good, although we learned little of the outline beyond the interest aroused by the four empowered women who should always be listened to. Three months later we still have no more news, although due to the path outlined by the minister (dialogue with social agents, labor reform, interprofessional minimum wage of one thousand euros, feminism) we can get an idea of ​​the main lines that will feed your program. But none of that is new. The Government can boast of all this and even the PSOE, its partner, can point it out. Therefore, little else is known about his other proposals. that can dazzle an electorate which, as has been seen in Castilla y León, begins to lower its arms.

Yolanda Díaz has not confirmed that she will be a candidate for president. But eThe low profile with which he has made the announcement of the ‘tour’ indicates that you prefer slow cooking to fireworks. And it honors him, without a doubt, although I am very much afraid that political times are not for slowing down but for the immediate capture of the social niche to which the vice president points. He chose for his ad a channel with a smaller audience, the RTVE channel 24 Horas, at the same time as the internet was flooded with tar generated by the sinking of Casado, with García Egea already resigned and giving explanations (or whatever) to Ana Pastor in La Sexta. Any political scientist would decide that he wasted the ‘prime time’.

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There are no times, he said, to waste time on feints. It is to be hoped that the spectacle of cannibalization that the PP has given begins to diminish as soon as Núñez Feijóo is proclaimed, with whom the formation will presumably rise again in the polls and here peace and glory there. Experience and statistics indicate that nothing excites voters more than a well-sold novelty. It happened to Casado regarding Rajoy and it will happen again as soon as they enthrone the Galician leader. Meanwhile, the extreme right will continue to feed on the leftovers that the popular crisis leaves behind, while the PSOE and Podemos represent what is already known, with no other incentive than to watch how their opponents knock each other down and how Alberto Núñez Feijóo lifts them off the canvas.

In politics, a week is a world and three months, a universe. Since that November photo, Colau has had to answer for accusations related to municipal contracts, Oltra is scattered in the imputation of six public charges accused of covering up her ex-husband’s abuse of a minor under guardianship and Mónica García and Fátima Hamed Hossain are armed in their respective territories. Yolanda Díaz’s hook is, therefore, only Yolanda Díaz. Given the dizzying speed at which politics moves, six months on tour feels like a century, and the focus on the vice president is likely to be lost before the tour even starts. Yolanda Díaz should not further delay the presentation of the project that she has for Spain and it is advisable that she clear up her electoral future as soon as possible. She then she and she will have time to listen to what society has to say.

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