The three pillars of the IMSS during the pandemic: employment, affiliation and infrastructure

The Mexican Institute of Social Security (IMSS) In the last year, it expanded the hiring of personnel, to face the Covid-19 pandemic, at the same time that it opened new possibilities of affiliation to workers, and invested in hospital infrastructure, reported its general director, Zoé Robledo, during his appearance at the Senate of the Republic.

Some data that Robledo presented to the legislators of the United Health and Social Security Commissions were that during the health emergency the Institute hired 47,185 workers for a specified time from the 11 health categories.

He said that in the present administration, work has been done to improve and expand the Institute’s infrastructure, which is why from 2019 to date the budget of the IMSS in physical investment increased by 49 percent.

Zoé Robledo indicated that the IMSS opted for invest in infrastructure permanent with its own model of Attention Centers for Covid-19, which as of today are 19, which “are not hospitals that have to be raised, they are hospitals that already remain, most of them with 38, with 40 beds , which will be very useful for what follows ”.

The official said that the pilot test was added to these efforts to incorporate independent workers, where to date 6,304 have been affiliated with an average daily salary of 222.09 pesos, which is a salary 65% ​​higher than that under the scheme of modality 44, which was the only option before this.

Thus, self-employed workers were able to access social security benefits; meanwhile, domestic workers have currently joined 37,983 people, with an average daily salary of 208.8 pesos.

In addition to the above, said Robledo, with the labor reform to avoid the labor outsourcingTo date, 2.9 million workers have migrated from the outsourcing company providing personnel services to the real company.

“An extraordinary element that has occurred in this migration: in 75% of the cases these workers have seen their salary increase by 11%, that is, there was a salary underreporting or there were other elements that did not make up the salary, but that today are to be for the benefit of the workers, because from this it is that the calculation of the insurance is made, of their pension of their disabilities ”, he commented.


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