The three best azulgranas of the classic

Barça lived a round night, Barça worked hard, in a devastating appearance in the third classic of the season. The progression of the team that was signing up was shot at the Bernabéu with a win that could have been much more bulky. Thibaut Courtois He was the best footballer in Madrid.

The azulgranas put together a choral performance, in which each piece performed at its best level, showing against their greatest rival that they have returned to the forefront. Not only did they make it clear that they could compete with the leader, who is 15 points ahead of them, but that they could beat him at home, before his fans.

The Uruguayan defender was the surprise. A personal bet by Xavi, who dispensed with Daniel Alves, a born side, to bet on Ronald Araujo, a center back, to stop Vinicius. The triumph was absolute. Of the coach and the footballer who won the three duels he faced (one against David Alaba), without letting himself be outdone.

His size allowed him to impose his defensive physical power, but he also manifested it in attack with the majestic header that made it 0-2, underpinning a victory that acquired exhibition edges.

Carlo Ancelotti wanted to have numerical superiority in midfield, incorporating Valverde in that area and do without the figure of the striker in the absence of the injured Benzema. He summoned Modric to that function, who was a soul in pain chasing the ball. Like Valverde himself, like Casemiro, like Kroos. There were four against Busquets and Frenki and Pedri.

But Busquets was worth three or four, with that innate quality to decipher the exact place where he has to be, whether to steal a ball or to attend to a teammate. In a hot area of ​​the field, he exhibited a 93% passing accuracy (78 of 84), he fouled twice and received two (causing two cards).

Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang

He celebrated the second goal in a corner, representing an image from the Dragon Ball comic. “I had the desire to win the game and score a goal, for my family, who lives near here [en Ávila] and my grandparents, who have already left”, explained Aubameyang, debutant in the classic at the age of 32.

There were two goals and an assist for Ferran with a heel at 0-4. The dream night of a striker. Five times he shot on goal, which means that neither Militao nor Alaba knew how to stop him. In the two against one, one won, Aubameyang, a guaranteed center forward who has scored 7 goals in the last 8 games.


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