The things that unite us

In the documentary they produced and which has just been released, Reconnect, members of Québec solidaire decided to meet the participants of a festival of truckers in Abitibi. As well say, for a pro-environment leftist party, in the enemy.

Team rat race on the screen? Not at all.

“We were not going into the territory of the traditional voters of Québec solidaire, recognizes Sol Zanetti, who led this project with Catherine Dorion and Émilise Lessard-Therrien, but what they told us touched us. »

The conversations, like those with other Quebecers from all ethnic and political backgrounds seen in the film, focused more on the importance of community spirit and the territory, on this need to take the time to live and also on love crisscrosses, as Louise Latraverse would say.

The polarizing debates that take up a lot of space on social networks, in the media and in the National Assembly would therefore not be, at least if we are to believe the words of Reconnecta fair reflection of the state of mind and aspirations of Quebecers.

“When we talk to each other and meet for real, that’s when we realize how much we have things in common and it’s important that this unity appears somewhere”, raises Sol Zanetti.

“What is fascinating, adds Catherine Dorion, is that we purposely went looking for really different people and it was always the same business that came up. »


Co-directed by filmmakers Samuel Matteau and Maxime Laurin, with Catherine Dorion, Reconnect was funded from the county office budgets of the three QS MPs.

However, even if the documentary echoes the long-standing concerns of the party and that it arrives on the screens in the middle of an election year, it is not a question of a partisan work, swear its artisans. The name of the party is never mentioned throughout the documentary.

“As it is funded by our riding offices, it had to be non-partisan because we are the representatives of all our citizens. It’s something we did together, separately from the party, ”says Catherine Dorion.

“We can say what we want, opines Maxime Laurin, but this is not a Québec solidaire film. It’s the quest of three humans who want to reconnect with what’s important. »

Reconnect, a film by Maxime Laurin, Samuel Matteau and Catherine Dorion. Locations and dates of screening on

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