The Taliban divide Kabul’s parks by sex and prohibit women from traveling alone by plane

The taliban they have divided by gender the parks from Kabul prohibiting men and women from sharing these public spaces, as reported by Eph. This decision comes less than a week after backing down and prohibiting the long-awaited return to class for high school students. This Sunday it has also become known that the Afghan government has women are prohibited from traveling by plane without a male escort.

The Ministry for Propagation of Virtue and Prevention of Vice of the interim government of the fundamentalists announced this Sunday that the gardens and amusement parks of the capital of Afghanistan they will be reserved for four days a week only for menand the remaining three to women “as long as they use hijab“.

“The visiting days for recreation areas and parks are divided between men and women, and women they should wear the veil“, indicated the briefcase it’s a statement. The authorities also added that those who break the law they will be punished.

letter to airlines

On the other hand, the Reuters agency has reported that the Taliban have prohibited airlines from allowing women to board without a male escort, both in domestic flights What international.

As revealed by two sources on condition of anonymity, the Afghan Executive sent a letter to the airlines this Saturday informing them of the restrictions.

These new measures come after the Taliban prevented last Wednesday the return of adolescents to secondary schoolsdespite the multiple official promises in this way. This closure, which has been in place since the formation took power last August, has been criticized by the international community. In fact, dozens of students, parents and teachers demonstrated yesterday near the Afghan Ministry of Education for require the reopening of secondary schools.

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Last December, the Ministry of Virtue forbidden to travel without a veil and unaccompanied male in case of long journeys to women in Kabulin a series of rules that they also prevent taxi drivers from playing music.

During his first stay in power, between 1996 and 2001the fundamentalists followed a rigid interpretation of islam that led them to ban female attendance at schools and confine women to the home.

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