• The proceedings on King Juan Carlos, pending on file, will not be affected as Luzón also deals with them

The lieutenant prosecutor of the Supreme Court, Juan Ignacio Campos, at the head of the team of prosecutors who were in charge of the investigations open to the king emeritus, has died this Wednesday in Madrid, sources from the public prosecutor’s office informed this newspaper. Campos, who was appointed number two of the Prosecutor’s Office just a year ago, took over the open proceedings of Juan Carlos I and it was expected that he would sign, together with the Chief Anti-Corruption Prosecutor, Alejandro Luzón, the filing decree.

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Campos took office just a year ago at the age of 70. During this time he has carried out his task showing his main virtue: discretion. With his appointment passed to be number 1 on the ladder, the number two of the public prosecutor, the person who replaced the attorney general in case of absence, illness or if he must abstain from any matter.

Fiscal sources that declare in shock, not waiting for the death, despite the fact that Campos periodically had to undergo an intervention that kept him a few weeks off for years. However, they highlight that the proceedings open to the emeritus, already pending their file, as soon as a documentation requested from Switzerland is received, will not be altered, because Campo worked side by side with the chief anti-corruption prosecutor.


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