The Supreme Court will not modify the situation of Puigdemont: if he comes to Spain he will be arrested

The Supreme Court does not plan to give an immediate response to the defense brief of the former president of the Generalitat Carles Puigdemont in which he urged him to rule on the suspension of the proceedings against him, which seemed to be deduced from the order of the Vice-President of the General Court of the European Union (TGUE) that he refused to restore his immunity as a precautionary measure. The lack of urgency is explained by the fact that the rebellious situation of the Spanish justice of the ‘expresident’ has not changed at all, so if he comes to Spain he will be arrested, as happened before the last European car.

High court sources indicate that in order to respond to the brief presented by Puigdemont’s lawyer in Spain, Gonzalo boye, the decision of the TGUE must be sent to be translated to have an exhaustive knowledge of the terms in which the resolution is produced, which rejected the defense claim in the ruling, but in its legal arguments it declared the Euroorder procedure suspended taken to force his arrest in Spain and even implied that the procedure followed against him. He pointed out that the Supreme Court was aware of this, because the State Attorney had communicated it, despite the fact that the Spanish high court did not know that way.

However, the high court indicates that the procedure followed by the magistrate Pablo Llarena against those responsible for the ‘procés’ declared in absentia continues, although it is in a latent state until the fled are at the disposal of the Spanish justice, moment in which it will be reopened. That is, if the ‘expresident’ comes to Spain, he will be detained exactly as it happened until now.

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Another thing is in the rest of the countries of the European Union, where, after what happened in Italy and with the decision of the TGUE in hand, no country will proceed to detain it in compliance with the Euroorders issued, understanding that they are paralyzed while the resolution isa preliminary ruling from Spain after the Belgian refusal to hand over the ‘ex-minister’ Lluís Puig considering that the Supreme Court was not the competent Spanish court to judge him.

With the order of the TGUE in hand, the defense of Puigdemont asked the Supreme Court about the communications that it could send to the forces and security bodies of the State, Interpol and the police of the countries of the Schengen zone in relation to the paralysis of the procedure followed against him. The response of the high court will remind you of strict compliance with what is established in the resolution as it does with all of them.

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