The students of Catalonia can already know their selectivity mark

  • The Generalitat has already enabled the link so that each student individually consults the results, which will be made official on Wednesday

Students who completed the university entrance exams in Catalonia on June 16 can check their results starting this afternoon in the link provided by the Secretary of Universities of the Generalitat.

Although the notes They will not be officially published until this Wednesday probablyeach student you can already know your result introducing on the website of the ‘conselleria’ their ID number and the password that has been specifically assigned to them for selectivity.

This year only the 2.8% of the more than 40,000 students who appeared last week for selectivity in Catalonia chose to take the exams in Spanish. Meanwhile, the vast majority -97.2%- opted for Catalan. The figure is slightly higher than that of last year, when the male and female students who opted for Catalan were around 96% in both the June and September sessions.

Review and cutoff notes

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Until next July 1, they will be able to request a review of exams if they do not agree with the grade obtained and they will know the result of the review on July 8, while from July 11 to 15 the period to see the exams in person will be open.

Later, the cut-off marks will be known to be able to access each of the university studies depending on the demand and the places that are available.

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