The State unlocks pending investments: 559 million from the Statute and 270 from Rodalies

  • Puigneró takes the fruits of the negotiation with the central government from Madrid the same week that ERC has agreed on the Budgets with Sánchez

“The meeting has passed in a cordial way, through the planned channels and has been as productive as we all expected,” said the Secretary of State for Transport, Mobility and Urban Agenda, Isabel Pardo de Vera, a few seconds after saying goodbye to the ‘vice president’ Jordi Puingeró. Both were meeting for an hour and a half with their teams at the State-Generalitat bilateral infrastructure commission this Friday at the ministry in Madrid, and they unlocked investments that the central Executive had pending. Specifically, the payment of 559 million euros corresponding to the financial year 2008 under the Third additional provision of the Statute and “between 270 and 300 million” for the operating deficit of Suburbs. And the internal derivative: Junts ends the week with the image that not only ERC, in this ‘post-processing’ stage, knows how to negotiate in Madrid.

The tariff deficit and the compensation included in the Statute are the detailed advances of the meeting between Puigneró and Pardo de Vera. Because the “comprehensive transfer” of Rodalies (catenaries, machinists, trains, stations, tracks …) you will have to keep waiting. For now, everything seems to have been frozen in 2010, when the transfer was sold with great fanfare, but the Generalitat only took over the management (schedules, frequencies, prices). Pardo de Vera excused himself: it could not even be addressed this Friday, because it must be treated in another commission, the mixed of Economic and Fiscal Affairs. The Generalitat hopes that within this framework the exact amount of the Rodalies exploitation can be defined and the complete analysis will be completed before next summer.

In any case, when Puigneró arrived at Blanquerna, the headquarters of the Generalitat delegation in the city, wanted to be positive: “Today the journey towards the full transfer of Rodalies has begun,” he proclaimed. The specific figure for the tariff deficit (no more than 300 million, according to the Government) will be decided in another meeting “before the end of the year.” This deficit compensates for the difference between the total cost of the Rodalies service and the amount collected through the transport tickets sold.

Another working group

In addition, Puigneró and Pardo de Vera agreed to create a workgroup which must specify in the coming months how the State will pay the 559 million euros pending in 2008 for the application of the Statute. Approximately half are already included in the General State Budgets and will begin to arrive in Catalonia as of next year. Within this group, it will be necessary to agree how the millions pending for the rest of the years (between 2009 and 2013) are paid, which never materialized and which are about 2,940 million, according to the Catalan Executive.

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This appointment of the ‘vice president’ of Junts per Catalunya in Madrid and the advances with the central government have taken place the same week in which his parliamentary group has decided to vote against the General State Budgets of 2022 by Pedro Sánchez. The role of negotiator It has been taken, for the second consecutive year, by ERC, which has once again been key to approving the Accounts. Gabriel Rufián sold as his own successes the legal fixation of a 6% fee in the catalogs of audiovisual platforms, the retirement of the Mossos at age 60 and investments to build social housing and compensate for the elimination of tolls, among other measures. In fact, the Republican deputy, when he announced his support for the Accounts and explained some of the measures achieved, Rodalies also included: “At the end of this month of November the procedures will begin to start the transfer of Cercanías to the Generalitat” , he came to say without further details.

In addition, Pardo de Vera, in his brief intervention before the press, also announced that they have agreed that, in “15 days”, the central government will deliver “detailed information” on the investments that will be financed in Catalonia with European funds, the called Next Generation to overcome the impact of the pandemic.

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