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The Inspection of the State Attorney General’s Office (FGE) has opened an administrative file of “prior information” against the prosecutor Ignacio Press, currently in the Madrid Prosecutor’s Office and former prosecutor of the ‘Tandem-Villarejo case’, due to news that appeared in the media on November 10 and 11 about his claim for property claims before the Ministry of Justice.

The chief prosecutor of the Inspection, Maria Antonia Sáinz Gaite, has opened the procedure by delegation of the fiscal lieutenant Juan Ignacio Campos, as EL PERIÓDICO has been able to confirm in judicial sources familiar with the decision. According to these sources, the formula used by which Lieutenant Prosecutor Campos delegates to the Chief Prosecutor of the Inspection is due to the fact that the news that appeared refers to the actions of the FGE, Dolores Delgado.

“The previous information is opened by the Inspection by delegation of the State Prosecutor General, but as in this case the claim and the news refer to the Attorney General Dolores Delgado, to avoid a possible conflict of interest, she is not going to intervene, “explained the source.

Disciplinary record?

Precisely, both Campos and Sáinz Gaite participated in the meeting that Delgado held on Monday, November 15 with members of his team from the Technical Secretariat and chief prosecutors such as Pilar Rodriguez, of the Madrid Prosecutor’s Office, and the Chief Anticorruption Prosecutor, Alexander Luzon. It is an administrative file that can lead to a disciplinary file.

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The State Attorney General maintains that the documents provided by Stampa in its claims (before the Contentious-Administrative Chamber of the Superior Court of Justice of Madrid as of patrimonial claim before the Ministry of Justice) are reserved, secret matter, and the State Attorney General It will not contribute them to any of the procedures, according to the sources consulted.

These documents contain instructions in the form of “suggestions” to the instructor of some proceedings against Stampa, in 2020, in which he was accused of leaking information from the ‘Tandem-Villarejo case’ to extend them, presumably artificially, given that the prosecutor of the TSJM Carlos Ruiz de Alegria he had proposed on October 2 and October 23 his file, considering Stampa innocent.

Denied Square

These proceedings were extended and on October 27, 2020, Delgado denied his proposal to the Fiscal Council grant a fixed place to Stampa in the Anti-Corruption Prosecutor’s Office. Although he could assign him the follow-up of the ‘Tándem Villarejo case’, he did not do so, so denying him the position led to his expulsion from the aforementioned case.

A part of these documents were publicly revealed by the prosecutor of the Criminal Chamber of the Supreme Court, Salvador Viada, on November 11, by raising a series of questions to the Fiscal Council, an advisory body of the FGE, which has scheduled its monthly meeting on November 24.

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The FGE decided last Monday to include an item on Stampa’s claim on assets on the agenda for that meeting, although judicial sources indicate that it does not intend to report in detail on its actions, which, as has been indicated, qualify as secret. Information that now requests the Association of Prosecutors, which supported on October 27, 2020, denying Stampa a place “due to existing media pressure.”

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