Many have been made to beg Netflix to confirm that ‘The Squid Game’, the Korean series that has revolutionized homes around the world this past fall, is a second season. The renewal of what is already the most-watched series in the history of the platform has been taken for granted. Until the date collects more than 1,500 million hours viewed, which means that 150 million people They rendered it from start to finish, more than half of the customers subscribed to the well-known platform. For the moment It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post.. Its creator, Hwang Dong-Hyuk, claims to have many ideas for the new installment. And it also confirmed that the winner of the games, (spoilage warning!) Seong Gi-Gun, will be part of the cast. Little else is known about this series that for a month monopolized conversations, news and even complaints from parents and teachers, anxiety because the children made it a leisure pastime to mimic ‘The Squid Game’. And we better get ready. “The universe has just begun,” said Ted Sarandos, head of content on the platform, who confirmed the renewal. The series will return, inflated with steroids at the cost of investment, ready to exceed the heights of success achieved with the first season. The commodification of a series containing such critique of the capitalist system This is completely ironic.

For Netflix, the success of ‘The Squid Game’ was unexpected. It was released without a major marketing campaign, and relies on algorithms to do the work that gives it a boost. So it was. The viewers and comments of the viewers who saw it the first weekend created a tsunami that gave it the visibility to reach all those less related audiences, seduced by the enthusiastic comments, the fame of his iconography (like the red monkeys), the colorful aesthetics and the curiosity before the sadistic version of some children’s games well known. More and more people around the world started watching the series, and it did not take long before the print was noticeable.

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That ‘The Squid Game’ became such a fast planetary phenomenon This is for many the most surprising. Fiction from South Korea has a large and dedicated audience, well accustomed to violence and extreme narrative proposals, but the one who is not accustomed to it at all is the most common viewer. In this, the home of the series has a lot to do. Over the years, Netflix has perfected the art of introducing foreign content into the audiovisual diet of the most Western audience, break down obstacles such as that of the language, an unknown artistic team or the striking local character of the story.

Yes indeed, The speed at which the phenomenon was waning was almost as fast as its success.or. Once digested and digested, this fast-paced, instantly satisfying fiction drifted off our radar, replaced by the new release of the day. ‘The Squid Game’ no longer appears in the most visible positions of the interface when we watch Netflix and nobody talks about the series anymore. The squid hibernates in the depths of the shelf and waits for the timer to restart. While the wait lasts, the company will dedicate itself to laying the foundations so that the phenomenon can become a franchise, a universe that allows the love of history to be milked. The possibilities, if things go well, are to rub your hands: more series, video games, books and other imaginable accessories. An expansive wave from which we will hardly be able to escape.

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‘The Inquisition Game’ is about to create your own Olympics, an event that is capable of generating viewers and fans who are seduced by the difficult choices it holds. A competition in which the greatest cruelty lies make participants believe they have a choice: play or stop. And it is that false dilemma where irony emerges to put a finger in our eye. We, as viewers, also believe we have options to keep watching or leave. But in reality, we’re just as caught up in Netflix as the show’s competitors.

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