The squares of Gràcia: nights with closed windows and noise plugs

Despite the heat of a May night that seems like July, Eva Corredoira, lawyer, 54 years old and a lifelong resident of Plaça de la Virreina, in Gràcia, closes the windows. Not long ago, she invested nearly 10,000 euros to put double glazing and install air conditioning in each of the four rooms of the house, all exterior.

He puts the TV at volume 100 and gets ready to watch series: “Many series, because you don’t want to go to bed and get like a motorcycle because of the noise & rdquor ;. His nephew, who lives in the same house, and who is in his first year at university, usually studies in the bathroom to escape the noise of the square. “I have decided to lock myself up. I parapet. Double glazing, air conditioning so as not to open windows. Plugs and sometimes it’s not enough and I have to put on music, white noise: waves, rain. After one of these nights you wake up with the worst hangovers & rdquor ;, says the lawyer.

The neighbors consider that the consistory allows too many celebrations in the squares

unitary protest

Corredoira is one of the residents of the squares of Gràcia who have formed a common front with residents in other areas and who are determined to protest until they can fall asleep, something that is now often difficult for them. She and Marite Alonso, architect 60 years old and a resident of Plaça del Raspall, they look forward to the concentration called for June 16 before the Barcelona City Council against noise pollution.

They explain that until a few years ago the Plaza del Sol accumulated all the conflict of the noise. That the residents of there put pressure on the politicians and the result was that measures were increased to avoid the mess, which led people to other squares that until then had suffered from the problem: Revolucionó, Virreina, Diamant, John Lennon, Joanic, Gifts of 36 and Nord.

They both claim that the council’s response does not satisfy them, that the Guàrdia Urbana does not usually come when they are called and that the political parties promise forcefulness when they are in opposition and forget when they reach government. Have you thought about leaving your flats? They both say yes. And they say that many of their neighbors have already done so. But they do not see fair that the noise expels them.

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Alonzo lives in the street of the prophet since 1999, previously it was in the nearby street of Camprodon. He leaves every weekend. It’s a small oasis for her, because during the week things are complicated, especially for about three years. “There are large bottles, which there weren’t before. The Raspall was a total neighborhood square in which the gypsies of the neighborhood lived. They tell me that they have been kicked out & rdquor ;. Her mother lives on Calle de Tordera, a few meters from the square. “They sit at the door. Neither she nor she listens to TV & rdquor ;.

Parties in the squares

The problems come from three fronts: on the one hand, the terraces. Both agree that in their places they usually respect the schedules. The second is that of the bottles. When a few people join, the noise is already annoying. The third front: the profusion of celebrations that the city council allows in the squares of Gràcia, and that seems excessive to both. Against all this that takes away their sleep they will protest on the 16th.

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