The speed of covid propagation in Catalonia, up to 1 per first time in three months

  • The best of the indicators indicates the clear tendency to coronavirus disease

The speed of covid propagation in Catalonia was located at the rate of 1 per first time in more than three months. Following the updated dates of this day by the Department of Health, the Rt it’s high 0.96 (ocho centésimas menos), lo que supone que cada 100 infotados contagian a una media de 96 person. This indicator is not lower than 1 since October 15, when it was 0.97.

The descent also takes place in the rebrote risk (EPG), which means the potential crime of the epidemic, is now at 5,565 points (556 less than ayer).

In exchange, the number of persons entered by covid-19 in the Catalan hospitals located at alza and its domingo is 2.942 (86 more than ayer), although the most serious he bajado in one and now its 463, according to the agency Efe.

The last 24 hours he was notified 11,433 more cases of covid-19 in Catalonia, with the persons who were contagious from the beginning of the pandemic being elevated to 2,169,161. The failures, 25,608, are the same as the ones that were communicated this Saturday.

¿Adiós a la mascarilla en verano?

The investigator of the Biocomsc group Enric Álvarez has noted the “clear trend to the bottom” of the covid-19 cases in Catalonia and has announced a get rid of problems in hospitals.

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“Loose dates of the CAP “Ayer y anteayer fueron buenos, tode hace indiak that the end of last week comenzó a bajar of a more important form”, ha explained in Catalunya Ràdio in declarations recogidas by the agency ACN.

Álvarez explained, the descent is manifested in everything in children and young people, in that the incident was most important because the group in which there are more tests. The investigator pointed out that including the verb included it is possible that retreat the mascarilla in interiors.

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