The spectacular broadcast of planes landing at Heathrow in the middle of storm ‘Eunice’

Storm ‘Eunice‘, which has already left at least 13 dead, significant material damage and power cuts, continues sweeping this Saturday the northwestern europe, with strong gusts of wind, has put a good part of the United Kingdom on alert. British airports have not been spared from the effects caused by the storm. A live broadcast on YouTube has shown the effects of this storm on planes.

The channel Big JetTV has broadcast live all incidents that have occurred at London Heathrow airport From london. The idea is very simple: show planes landing on the airport runway with Eunice’s winds whipping them mid-flight.

Real trouble landing

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The direct, which has come to congregate 200,000 people simultaneously, mainly shows the landings of the planes in the middle of storm Eunice. Some planes have real trouble landing, others, like an Airbus A380, have directly had to board landing attempt before a second successful attempt.

At United Kingdom more of 140,000 homes have lost power in the South West of England and Wales, and the Government has recommended travel only if essential. In this way, more than 400 flights have been canceled at British airports.

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