The snow loading operation is going well in Montreal

The City of Montreal’s third snow removal operation, which got under way on Sunday morning, is progressing well and should be completed by Tuesday evening.

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Around 6 a.m. Monday, nearly 35% of the collection had already been done, according to the Info-Neige site, while the rate was 21% the day before around 11 p.m.

The collection has had variable rates, depending on the boroughs.

Certain sectors such as Ville-Marie, Saint-Laurent or even Lachine were already at 77%, 68% and 56%, respectively, of collection completed, while in other boroughs, the operation is visibly dragging on.

In the LaSalle sector, the operation barely progressed by 5%, while in Verdun the collection experienced a rickety rate of 2%.

Nearly 2,200 snow removal vehicles are mobilized to remove snow from some 10,000 kilometers of streets, sidewalks and bike paths in the city.

Montrealers are invited to consult the City’s website for information on the progress of snow removal. Free parking is also available to motorists.


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