The new hospital center in Gatineau, in Outaouais, will be located on Edmonton Street and will have a total of 600 beds, the Quebec government announced on Thursday.

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The location of the hospital has been designed according to a central point. Thus, Outaouais residents will have easy access to this health campus, where all specialties are offered, except mental health. In addition to having 600 beds, the hospital will be equipped with the latest technologies and new health practices.

The site of the hospital center is located east of the Gatineau highway, between the exits of boulevard Saint-Raymond and boulevard Saint-Joseph Nord.

This location is near major highways and public transportation, making access to health care much easier for area residents.

“The Outaouais has accumulated a significant delay in the field of health in recent decades, largely due to the lack of consideration that previous governments had for our region. That had to change,” said the minister responsible for the Outaouais region, Mathieu Lacombe.

“The people of Outaouais deserve it,” added Christian Dubé, Minister of Health and Social Services.

Expropriation requests will be undertaken in the coming weeks in order to prepare for the arrival of the new hospital centre. According to the Ministry of Health and Social Services (MSSS), the area of ​​the new hospital would be 271,265 square meters.

“It is all Gatineau residents who [sortiront] winners,” said Gatineau Mayor France Belisle.

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