The sister of the woman murdered in Barcelona: “He told her that he would kill her if she left with another”

ivet she got pregnant at the age of 17 and went to work to support both of them: her son and also her Diego& rdquor ;, he explains Claudiato make it clear that your sister He was “a good person, one of those who help, one of those who would never hurt anyone & rdquor ;. Ivet was 25 years old and an employee of a Clarel. Diego was 33 years old, he was of Ecuadorian origin and, intermittently, he worked in the kitchen of a pizzeria. On Monday, Diego murdered Ivet after warning her that if she wasn’t with him, she wouldn’t be with anyone. And no one stopped him from fulfilling her promise.

The woman murdered by her ex-partner on March 21, the second to bury sexist violence in Catalonia this 2022, filed a complaint against her abuser on Friday March 18th. A few days before, according to the sources consulted by this newspaper, Diego’s last threat had been made. Ivet went to the Mossos d’Esquadra and the agents convinced her that she should file a complaint for threats. On Monday, both Ivet and Diego were summoned to a court in Barcelona. Neither of them showed up.

“A friend told me on Monday that Diego was saying goodbye to everyone and that Ivet was missing. It was a very strange behavior and since we couldn’t locate Ivet either, in the end we went to the police station. There they explained to us what had happened & rdquor ;, says Claudia. Diego had killed Ivet and had turned himself in at the headquarters of the Guardia Urbana in the Sant Martí district at 6:30 p.m. on Monday.

Claudia suspects that Diego forced Ivet that morning to forcefully go upstairs to the flat they had both shared for years on Barcelona’s Gran Via, near Plaça de Glòries. She believes that Diego went to wait for her in front of their son’s school, located not far from there. And that when she left the little boy at school, knife in hand, the man forced her to follow him to her home, on the eighth floor. “My sister I had sworn that I would never go up to that floor again“.

Days before, according to Claudia, Diego had already dragged Ivet to that floor. “Recently he told me that he had very afraidthat Diego followed her to work, that he was wearing a razor and that one day he had placed it in the stomach and in the neck and that he warned her that if she wasn’t with him, she wouldn’t be with anyone. That he would kill her if she went with someone else.” Claudia encouraged Ivet to report Diego to the Mossos as a result of episodes like this. Even so, she blames herself for not believing that he would go so far. “He was a loudmouth, one of the who talk a lot”, she remembers now, tormented.

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Ivet separated from Diego five or six months ago after more than seven years together. But she was still fond of him and, although after her breakup she lived at another sister’s house, she continued to go to her old flat for some time at first. During those visits, the fights that the neighbors heard through the walls possibly broke out. Some were so worrying that they ended up calling the police.

Lately Ivet had begun to rebuild her life. And Diego was aware. As he also learned that Ivet had finally denounced him and that on Monday they were summoned to attend a speedy trial. Claudia says that Ivet called Diego the night before to ask him to come to court, that they could continue to maintain contact and that he could continue to count on her. Claudia does not know if Ivet clarified in her complaint that she filed on March 18 that Diego had promised to kill her if she left with another of hers and that she had put a knife to her neck. But the reality is that Ivet did not have any protection.

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