The silenced cessation of ‘major’ Trapero, by Ernest Folch

It is very significant that in a country where any anecdote is raised to the category of historical event, the sudden cessation of the ‘major’ of the Mossos has happened in the middle of a general silence, as if it bothered. It turns out that the policeman who was turned into a hero that tragic 17-A has finally been left to its own devices for those who in his day exalted him. Nothing better than the rise and fall of the ‘major’ Trapero to understand what has happened to Catalonia in recent years. He was apparently elevated to the altars for his great anti-terrorist work, when in reality it was solely due to the need to create the impression, at the gates of hot October 2017, that Catalonia had a modern police, exemplary and humane for the new State that was about to be born. The 1-0 arrived, and Trapero bravely refused to let the Mossos use force to prevent people from going to a few simple polls, and this made him the immediate target of Madrid ultra, which treated him as if he were a seditious independence. Then it was stopped with 155, but already at that time it began to be between two waters: sovereignty began to suspect his independence of criteria and the regime’s socialists stopped citing him as one of the martyrs of the country. The point of no return came with the trial of the ‘procés’, where he confessed that he had prepared a device to arrest Puigdemont if he was required to do so in court. It was the moment when he became yet another official traitor, until surprisingly the minister Sàmper rehabilitated him with good judgment, and for a moment it seemed that merits were more important than political sympathies.

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It was a mirage: the change of Govern was the beginning of its end, which it finally executed the ‘conseller’ Elena in a sad appearance, in which he tried unsuccessfully to hide that it was an eminently political cessation. In one of these typically Catalan fictions, Elena argued that Trapero was being dismissed to facilitate a “generational change” and a “feminization” at the top of the Mossos, but announced that she was replacing him with a male police officer and only five years younger. No, the cessation of Trapero it was not due to any desire to renew, but to the need to maintain the processist story until the end. Because Trapero has actually been a containment dam against all poles of the Catalan conflict: those who wanted to hit the voters and the extreme media and judicial right in Madrid, but also the magic independence, who knows that he has to keep pedaling if he does not want to fall off the bike. This explains why, before their scandalous cessation, there has been this thunderous silence from ERC and Junts, two parties fought in everything but suspiciously in agreement on the cessation of the ‘Major’, over which they have tiptoed as if it were a topic less. The fall of Trapero is unfair for him, but it is sad for the country, because it confirms that in Catalonia it continues to prioritize maintaining the fiction of a story over meritocracy. And it is that the ‘major’ has been one more victim of the politicians who, since 2017, divide society between good and bad, between pure and impure. Trapero, in an area of ​​gray, with its nuances, its successes and its mistakes, reminded too many people, here and there, that reality is always complex and multifaceted. Someday we will be ashamed of some of the things that have happened to us in recent years. The silenced cessation of the ‘major’ Trapero will surely be one of them.

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