The siege of the Palace to the financial sector begins

Since August, President Andrés Manuel López Obrador withdrew from the Senate Arturo Herrera’s proposal for the Bank of Mexico, a month in which on his personal board he envisioned how to extend his influence and control to the financial sector.

He placed Jesús de la Fuente in the CNBV, but next to him is Lucía Buenrostro, sister of the director of the SAT and they let themselves run a little more from the heavy-handed application against the large institutions.

Yesterday he ordered to confirm that Herrera is not going to Banco de México and may wait for Alejandro Díaz de León to leave the central bank to propose his replacement. It would give the sector time to assimilate reality, without having to shout at them: surrender, you are surrounded!

Medications: very honest, but incapable

In the morning “pulse of health” health sector officials continue to show graphs, but in reality, like other areas of the federal public administration, there are many who have already reached their level of incompetence.

The head of the SSA Jorge Alcocer revealed the insufficient communication between INSABI and local and state authorities that created a bottleneck in the last mile, which leads supplies and medicines to clinics and hospitals.

The presidential accolades no longer hide the reality, as it was hinted that the distribution could pass into the hands of the military. Someone should be distressed by so many honest but incapable civil servants and wonder where are we going?

The soft, toxic scent of failure

The unemployment and unemployment figures have been published, they reveal the reality that the will-o’-the-wisps in the Zócalo no longer hide: the growing job insecurity of millions of victims of the perfect storm created by the Covid pandemic.

Irrefutable, of course, the IMSS employment figures show pre-pandemic levels, but the other currency decline is informality, the historic refuge of the impoverished middle and lower middle classes in times of crisis.

It confirms what was said in this space almost two weeks ago that not even impoverishment leads us to reflect that the diagnoses of 16 years ago were correct, but the recipes were not, and that “due to the inflexibility, halfway there, a slight aroma of failure “.


Out of memory are those who are scandalized by the order to all federal agencies to take the shortcut of “temporary authorizations” for the works of the Government of the Republic. It is the replica of those “sides” with which the current President of the Republic governed when he was Head of Government of CDMX. Shortcuts that, while the Judicial Power qualifies them, prevent stopping the works … No bank of San Lázaro will have doubts about the author of the plan that will be applied by the majority leader of the Official Party Ignacio Mier to process the Electricity reform. For that, their meeting in the presidential office was made public … Finally, something transexenal is still in force: the very old IMSS Coplamar, today IMSS Bienestar … Since the Spanish Golden Age, Don Francisco de Quevedo gives us that, so fashionable : “External hypocrisy, being a moral sin, is a great political virtue” …

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