The shocking story of Santa, the dog that his owner threw out the window on Christmas Eve

  • Several witnesses notified the Municipal Police of Valdemoro that an individual had thrown a dog out the window, from a fifth floor

  • The Association of Animal Welfare Initiatives has requested the collaboration of anyone who would like to help with veterinary expenses

Valdemoro Local Police Agents They are investigating for an alleged “crime of animal abuse” to a local male who allegedly threw his dog from a fifth floor, causing serious injuries.

The events occurred in the evening of December 24, Christmas Eve, when several witnesses notified the agents that an individual had thrown a dog through the window, from a fifth floor, as indicated by the Local Police through their social networks.

According to the statements of these witnesses to the agents, and the “inconsistencies in the story of the owner of the dog”, the investigated “presumably could have thrown the dog out the window”, insist from the Police, who affirms that the dog had to be transferred to a veterinary center “in very serious condition.”

From the Association of Initiatives for the Welfare of Animals (aiBa) they have been in charge of taking over the can after receiving a notice that the animal was being cared for in a veterinary center, where it was taken by a neighbor, and that the owner had not appeared.

After a first assessment, from aiBa it was decided to transfer him immediately to a Veterinary Hospital where “he is still very serious”, although “he is conscious” and is receiving all the necessary attention.

From aiBa they have requested in a statement citizen collaboration to gather information on what had happened, requesting that said information be declared directly to the local police, who appeared at the scene of the events, or privately to his email account [email protected].

In addition, has requested the collaboration of anyone who would like to help with veterinary expenses Those who are fighting to save the life of the dog, who has been renamed Santa, falling from the sky on Christmas Eve.

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“At no time has aiBa published photos, personal data or anything similar of the presumed responsible for this fact. We are totally against the public judgment that is being generated. The facts are aberrant but it is not up to us to judge them, “they added in the statement.

In it, they advance that, after speaking with the Local Police and Civil Guard, they will appear with their own lawyers as a personal accusation in court, although “we will never enter parallel trials outside of this scenario.”

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