The series ‘Sanditon’ returns on June 21 to Cosmo

The series stars Rose Williams and managed to renew after months of pressure from fans, who mobilized on social media

The second season of the period series ‘Sanditon’ already has a premiere date: the Cosmo channel has announced on social networks that it will arrive on its grill on June 21.

Sanditon, from the British production company Red Planet Pictures, was considered “one of the 15 most outstanding shows of 2020” by Vogue magazine, and is inspired by the unfinished novel by Jane Austen published by the Alba publishing house.

The story, set in 19th century England, will follow the twists and turns in the life of the protagonist, Charlotte Heywood, played by Rose Williams, and her relationship with the seaside resort town of Sanditon and the local families, their intrigues and romances, without losing the sense of humor.

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The new season includes new characters: Ben Lloyd-Hughes plays Alexander Colbourne, a very attractive prisoner; ‘Shadow and Bone’ actor Tom Weston-Jones plays the colonel of the new military base that is installed in the city, and Rosie Graham, from ‘Oulander’, will be Alison, Charlotte’s sister.

Fans of the series launched a campaign on social networks to force the renewal of the series under the hashtag #SaveSanditon and the producer finally promised to record two more seasons.

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