The series and movies that premiere this Easter on Amazon Prime

Easter is here and yes, the best plan is to go on vacation with friends and family to wander around, enjoy feasts and have a good dance. But there is always a little space left to enjoy a sofa, a blanket and, in this case, Amazon Prime.

This April, the platform has chosen to launch some of the most anticipated premieres of series and movies from its portfolio. A whole offer in which the return of the series stands out ‘The boarding school: The summits and Mothers’, ‘Love and life’and the premieres of the long-awaited ‘Better days’ and the fun ‘In the court of the little prince’. meet all the premieres of series and movies on the platform in April 2022.


‘Undone’, one of the most outstanding animated series on the platform and which premiered in 2019, returns that month to delight the most fans. Nominated for awards such as the Gotham, the Annie and the Critics Choice Awards, its second season is now available.

In addition, the platform is also committed to its own productions such as ‘Outer Range’ and the second season of the Chilean ‘The pack’. It will also feature the CBS series about Clarice Starling, the character known for the franchise about the psychopath Hannibal Lecter. A fiction headed by the actress Rebecca Breeds, who tells the story that occurred a year afterThe silence of the lambs’.

These will be other series premieres:

  • ‘The boarding school: The summits’ 2T (April 1)

  • ‘A Wolf Like Me’ (April 1)

  • ‘Mothers. Love and life’ 4T (April 8)

  • ‘Outer Range’ (April 15)

  • ‘The pack’ 2T (April 15)

  • ‘Better Days’ (April 22)

  • ‘Arifureta’ (April 22)

  • ‘In the court of the little prince’ (April 22)

  • ‘Bang Bang Baby’ (April 28)

  • ‘Clarice’ (April 29)

  • ‘Undone’ 2T (April 29)


In the film world Amazon does not fall short with the premieres and one of the most anticipated will be the documentary about the singer Laura Pausini. In the film, Pausini will demonstrate her love for cinema as well as her more personal side and delve into her career from her early days to the present day.

It will not be the only premiere. The multi-awarded ‘Never, almost never, sometimes, alwaysthe biopic about Aretha Franklin’Respect’ and the hilarious ‘The coupon queens’ These weeks will come.

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These will be all the movie premieres:

‘Never, hardly ever, sometimes, always’ (April 1)

  • ‘Jumanji: The Next Level’ (April 4)

  • ‘Laura Pausini – Nice to meet you’ (April 7)

  • ‘A date with the past’ (April 8)

  • ‘The Coupon Queens’ (April 15)

  • ‘Respect’ (April 24)

  • ‘Make me fly’ (April 28)

  • ‘I love America’ (April 29)

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