The secret of Carlos Saiz, the famous dentist: owner of the smiles of Dulceida or Pilar Rubio

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Dulceida And his wife, Alba Paul, they owe them their enviable smiles to a great extent. Football player Jordi Alba that you have the one you always dreamed of. And the presenter Pilar Rubio That that tooth that he had crooked a while ago, never give him any problem to show off his perfect teeth. Is named Carlos Saiz and he’s the celebrity dentist.

Through his hands, as he himself says, have passed (and continue to do so for his reviews) international footballers, actors, actresses, singers, influencers and numerous characters from the world of the press and television. The success of this dentist, however, is not due to a stroke of luck. “It is the fruit of 20 years of work and more than 15,000 patients treated“, says this dental professional, in an interview with EL ESPAÑOL.

It has two clinics, one in Barcelona and another that just opened those months ago in the center of Madrid, where the waiting list, they say, is already several weeks. And it is that, who does not want to have the smile of the presenter Sandra Barneda or the actress Marta Torné? But what is your secret ?; What are the star treatments of this dentist that have attracted celebrities from around the world to his clinics ?; Can anyone afford them?

Doctor Carlos Saiz with influencer Aida Domenech and his wife, Alba Paul.

Doctor Carlos Saiz with influencer Aida Domenech and his wife, Alba Paul.

To solve these unknowns, in the first place, it is enough to take a look at his extensive curriculum and a way of working that very few dentists have put into practice. “My career is straddling Barcelona, ​​USA, UK … I have always been and am an inquiring mind and I wanted to anticipate the wishes of my patients by shaping unique and groundbreaking concepts such as non-clinical clinic or the dentist who does not seem like an irremediable destiny“explains Carlos Saiz, whose fame also extends to the social network Instagram, where he has more than 125,000 followers.

Haute couture smile

And although those approaches were only the origin, 15 days later they are the ones that have led him to stardom in his sector. “These formulas, added to advanced procedures supported by the latest technology, have achieved things such as painless procedures such as whitening or micro-veneers, and above all make going to the dentist palatable,” he continues.

The dentist talks about his two star treatments, the micro-masks diamandsmile, to which they tend to resort mainly, he says, footballers, and the zoom teeth whitening, who tend to choose mostly actresses and presenters, such as Daniela santiago, for example, to preserve your natural tooth. How much? The price range is as varied as the complexity of the treatment, they explain. The approximate price of the individual micro mask is 675 euros and the whitening of 500. Somewhat expensive for a normal pocket. However, the clinic also gives the option of financing any treatment for four years without interest.

But what are micro-masks ?; In the words of this professional, this treatment can be defined as the design of a haute couture smile, made to measure and based on the patient’s preferences. This is precisely the first step. The protocol begins with a detailed questionnaire about personal aesthetic preferences and tastes. Digital impressions of the mouth are taken (without molds) and, on them, on the computer screen, the patient and the dentist visualize and define what will be their new smile.

Your secret

In the second session, with an already approved design, a digital impression is generated in resin identical to how the final veneers will be so that the patient can try and assess in their own mouth, in order to establish if they are 100% satisfied with the design. or the corrections are accurate. In this visit the shade of white is also selected. The range is wide, there are from very natural tones to other very white.

The result of your micro mask treatment.

The result of your micro mask treatment.

Finally, different shades of cement are tested to select which one best suits the tastes and expectations of the patient, and then installs (without carving the teeth or the need for anesthesia), the final veneers: a very thin but very resistant sheet ceramic that adheres to the natural tooth and gives it a perfect shape.

The most common, says the doctor to this newspaper, is that they are placed on the most visible teeth (eight or ten per jaw), although there are patients who only require them in the upper part and whiten the lower part. Their average life is between 10 and 15 years, saving that you also have to go to check them every six months. “This is the main reason for the pilgrimage of patients from all over the world to my clinic, the possibility of improving the aesthetics of their bespoke smiles, without implants, without damaging the teeth and without orthodontics,” says Saiz. The true secret of your success.


Although so is your zoom teeth whitening. “It is a minimally invasive treatment, with state-of-the-art technology made in USA, which does not affect natural enamel, nor does it produce tooth sensitivity and, furthermore, it allows choosing the exact shade to suit the patient, “they explain from the clinic.

In addition, like veneers, it allows the patient to choose the shade of white they want to look good, natural and favored. However, it only lasts one year. After that period, if you want to keep the same smile, you will have to return to the clinic. In addition, this treatment can only be submitted to clients with healthy teeth. “It only bleaches natural teeth, no veneers, no crowns,” the expert clarifies. After about four or five hours of doing the whitening, they emphasize, some specific discomfort may appear, but in any case it disappears the next day.

The presenter Sandra Barneda with Dr. Carlos Saiz.

The presenter Sandra Barneda with Dr. Carlos Saiz.

This unique treatment, in addition to the micro-masks or the transparent alignments, although to a lesser extent, is what has made the services of Dr. Saiz essential for a large number of celebrities. “Ana Milan, Sandra Barneda, Marta Torné, Manel Fuentes, Aída Doménech (Dulceida), the Gemeliers group, first division footballers such as Jordi Alba, the actress and new image of Roberto Cavalli, Daniela Santiago, actress of ‘Veneno’ and, now, Pilar Rubio, “he says proudly. The start of a great little business in the Spanish capital.

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