The School Revolt cuts this Friday 15 streets of Barcelona against pollution

Associations of student families, under the coordination of the Eixample Respira entity, have convened this Friday from 4:30 p.m. in Barcelona a new School Revolt action. In the resumption of the initiative, which coincides with the return to classrooms after the Christmas holidays, 15 streets will be cut in front of schools and institutes in the city to protest the contamination in school environments and demand their pacification.

Eixample Respira explained that the initiative coincides with the organization of a new Eixample bikebus, on the way to schools, which “shows the multiplication of neighborhood initiatives to claim a city with fewer cars, healthier and friendlier to people and in favor of sustainable mobility”.

The School Revolt, in collaboration with the University of Barcelona (UB) and the Autonomous University of Barcelona (UAB), has developed a study on school environments in the Catalan capital, in which 83 student family associations and more than 4,500 families from 180 different schools have participated.

Potential health risks

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According to the results of the report, in 85% of the schools surveyed there are access problems, in 62% security problems have been detected in the accesses, in more than half there are noise pollution problems and in approximately 90% it is known that “there is constant exposure” with potential health risks.

Thus, more than half of the families surveyed consider that sidewalk space is not enough for entrances and exits in conditions, 75% consider that the school environment is not safe enough for children and 80% that private transport goes too fast around the school, and 79% of families consider noise from traffic nearby to be excessive. from school.

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