The SAT does not attend tax breaks, nor does it support large contributors: Buenrostro

El Tributary Administration Service (SAT) he does not attend to accounting records, always and when not present with members of the company to whom he brindan his service.

“We are not going to receive only jobs, even if we get the job with a member of the company from the director general, the tax manager or the companies. We will not receive any solo payment. A nosotros nos gusta trabajar con los despachos ”, informs the head of the SAT, Raquel Buenrostro Sánchez.

From the SAT comment that the accounting officers have delayed the auditing process and, moreover, from the point of view of Raquel Buenrostro, his uniqueness is due to the fact that he is responsible for what he accomplishes through his services.

The jefa del fisco commented in conference that like the despachos accountants it is said that the great contributors who pay fast, without multitudes, without sanctions, can, are disposed to make the deductions that mark the Fiscal Code of the Federation.

“The big contributors are in agreement with the SAT, as long as they have the auditorium to correct and correct, if they correct themselves they will hear the many and many things they need,” said Raquel Buenrostro.

Without embarrassment, there is a lack of information between them contributorsfor those accounting dispatches promethe to customers consume the maximum deduction, in exchange for a percentage for the deduction.

Asimism, the jefa del SAT dijo que la dependence que el coordinate nien tiene despachos favorit, ni recomendados, esto ante rumores sparcidos en los ultimos días.

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