The Santa Drive in Factory is here to stay

This year in Mexico there is a way to get to know Santa’s post office, his toy factory, the magic laboratory, the kitchen of the Mrs Claus and the library of Santa claus in the same space, all from the comfort of a car.

The creator and producer of this show, Rodrigo Renovales Madrid, talks to The Economist that La Fábrica de Santa, which has more than 15 years of life, had to modify the original format as a result of Covid-19, this made them think about what would be a viable way not to interrupt the show, but in a safe way.

“Last year we had to close on December 19 because we returned to Red light and many people were left wanting to know Santa’s factory. Even so, the drive in format was something very attractive due to the times we were living in confinement and we had to go back. Apparently it is a modality that is here to stay because people liked that you always see everything in the front row and in a personalized way ”.

This happens because only six cars enter every fifteen minutes And they go on the journey from tent to tent, so both the elves and Santa can attend to all the children in a personal way.

Renovables shares that for this year the tents will be even larger, with 20 meters long by 8 meters high, this is not to put more vehicles but to have a more comfortable view of the central stage. “What people will be able to see is Santa’s lab, his factory; there will be a trip to the North Pole, they will see Santa separating the letters between those who did behave well and those who did not behave so much; there will also be the opportunity to take pictures with him, but all from the comfort of your car ”.

Something that is very important in this show and makes it different, is that since the stage is five feet away, all the characters can have eye contact with all the children, which becomes almost impossible in a traditional show; In addition, it is not only a tour, but there are 70 actors on stage who sing, dance and have interaction with the children.

The show will also be presented this year in both University Square, in Mexico City; like in the Monterrey Arena, in Monterrey, both spacious and central locations for the convenience of attendees.

Renewable ensures that in the Santa’s Factory The most important thing is that family interaction is achieved, from the outset because they all go together in the car and they all participate in the tour of the different tents, “the father honks the horn, the children get excited, and when they go back to their At home they keep talking about what happened, personal communication is achieved, that today with electronic devices has been lost, so with this type of shows what we achieve is that physical contact between parents and children returns ”.

The producer concludes that the theme of entertainment is an enormous effort to try to get people through culture and theater to put aside the issue of the pandemic, its problems and consequences; “That we start going out to have fun, live together and enjoy the magnificent staging, always keeping the security and protection measures that will keep us safe.”

  • The season will be from November 24 to December 23.
  • There are 70 actors on stage, 40 technicians and 6 tents of 340 square meters.
  • The cost of the ticket: 1,500 pesos per vehicle with all its members according to the seats that are on the circulation card.
  • In Mexico it is through ticketmaster and in Monterrey by SuperBoletos

Recommendations to attend the show:

  • The tour of the 6 themed stations lasts about an hour.
  • Every 15 minutes 6 cars enter.
  • It is important to anticipate the purchase as the capacity is very small. Tickets can hardly be purchased at the moment.
  • It is recommended to attend 15 minutes before your schedule, because once the tour begins you can no longer stop.

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