The Russian ruble depreciates 6.56% after Putin’s military operation in Ukraine

The Mexican peso depreciated 0.80% in electronic operations in the foreign exchange market, to a level of 20.4272 pesos per dollar, a loss of 10.26 cents compared to the closing of the Bank of Mexico on Wednesday of 20.2646 units per greenback.

Tension between Russia and Ukraine skyrocketed tonight after Vladimir Putin, the Russian president, announced military operations in Ukraine, and after the speech broadcast by BBC News, explosions were reported in several cities in Ukraine.

Around 10:30 p.m. on Wednesday, January 23, the Mexican currency was the third most depreciated currency in the foreign exchange market, surpassed only by the Swedish krona with a loss of 1.29% and the ruble.

The Russian ruble climbed 6.56% depreciation against the US dollar, at a level of 84.0750 units per greenback, its worst level on record.

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