The embroidery of the ‘procés’ boasted neatness, but the fabric has been turned around and its rough stitches: the power wars, the deception of the citizens… Now we walk with the Russian plot. Putin’s alleged mediators meeting with Puigdemont at the official residence of the president of the Generalitat, men he trusted traveling to Moscow, extravagant offers of 10,000 Russian soldiers and 500,000 million dollars in exchange for a Catalonia cryptocurrency paradise… In the end, in the words of Víctor Terradellas (seamstress of the plot, friend of Puigdemont and former CDC official), the ‘ex-president’: “shit in his pants & rdquor ;. And he left for Belgium. Holy shit.

On October 26, 2017, Puigdemont summoned the media twice to announce the early elections. The pressures were colossal. In the end, he recanted and the next day the DUI was declared. In the midst of the chaos, he met with the Russians. Despair? Delirium? Contacts lasted for months. Upon his arrival in Brussels, the former president asked Europe to react: “the cause of the Catalans is the cause of European values: democracy, freedom, free expression, non-violence & mldr; & rdquor ;. He forgot about the Russian cryptocurrency.

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