The Russian cover-up of the death and devastation in Mariupol

On June 15, the Russian Embassy in the United Kingdom aware a witty three-minute video on Twitter titled “Post-War Mariupol: Long Way to Rebirth.”

The embassy used the hashtags “No to Nazism” and “StopNaziUkraine,” reminders of the Kremlin’s discredited excuses for invading ukraine in February.

The video carries English subtitles, one of which reads:

“The city was under the Ukrainian yoke for eight years. On May 20, 2022, the last Azov militants surrendered. Mariupol was finally liberated from the Ukrainian nationalists.”

That is a false representation of the fall of Mariupol to the Russian attackers.

The video footage presents Russia as the peaceful liberator and rebuilder of the city, even as it shows the ruins of residential buildings and the widespread destruction from Russian shelling and shelling.

Instead, Kyiv is accused of being an “occupier and oppressor.”

What really happened?

1 – Russia attacked Ukraine after falsely claiming that it had no plans to do so. the invasion of russia it has devastated Ukraine, caused millions to flee to other countries, and turned the world upside down economically and politically. Mariupol has suffered some of the effects of the war. deadliest consequences.

2 – United Nations officials, including Secretary General António Guterres, condemned Russia’s attacks on hospitals, maternity hospitals, civilian buildings and, in Mariupol, a theater where hundreds of people took refuge. A associated press investigation found that 600 people were killed in that Russian airstrike, a daylight attack in March on what was the city’s main bomb shelter with children inside. Russia is hitting Ukraine with 60,000 rockets and artillery shells daily.

3 – Ukraine says Russian attacks and their aftermath were over 20,000 civilians killed in Mariupol Y deported by force thousands more to seepage camps in Russian-controlled areas of Ukraine and in Russia, effectively depopulating a city where half a million had lived.

4 – Mariupol city officials say Russian troops are steal and sell relief supplies and that a cholera outbreak can lead to more deaths. “There is no drinking water, there is no electricity to boil water, the streets are full of garbage. The Russian occupation administration cannot clean the streets,” Deputy Mayor Sergei Orlov told the Irish broadcaster. RTE. “There are also many ruins in the city. Unfortunately, the corpses are in these ruins. This, along with warm temperatures and rain, goes into the groundwater.”

5 – The Russian video shows a parade in Mariupol on May 9, Russia’s World War II Victory Day holiday. the parade was directed by Denis Pushilin, head of the Donetsk People’s Republic, representative of Russia. The footage shows a small number of people carrying a long yellow and black striped flag symbolizing Russia’s military might. A Russian-language news source based in the Czech Republic, Top daily newsand others reported that most of the parade participants were brought by buses from Russia and elsewhere in the Donetsk province.

The head of Human Rights of the United Nations, Michelle Bachelet, said on June 16, 2022 that "[T]The horrors inflicted on the civilian population will leave an indelible mark, even for generations to come." (Reuters)

United Nations Human Rights chief Michelle Bachelet said on June 16, 2022 that “[T]The horrors inflicted on the civilian population will leave an indelible mark, even for generations to come.” (Reuters)

6 – The Washington Post reported that in preparation for the parade, Russian troops cleared the ruins of the bombed-out theater.

7 – Regarding the video’s claim to be “under the Ukrainian yoke for eight years”, Mariupol it was part of the Ukrainian SSR within the Soviet Union, which collapsed in 1994. Before Russian forces attacked, demolished and took over, Mariupol was part of a Ukraine that had been independent for decades. Over the years, Russia has officially recognized Ukraine’s sovereignty. The city was not “liberated” by Russia; it was taken over by brutal force after a mass exodus of fearful civilians.

8 – The news reports say Russian occupation authorities they have forced the remaining residents of Mariupol to attend “denazification classes” and organize “mass demonstrations” in support of the Russian war. “When my mother and I stood in line to get food and water, we were forced to listen to stories about how we were being liberated from the Nazis,” said a woman who escaped from Mariupol in May. The Guardian Newspaper. has previously reported on Russia’s false claims that the Ukrainian government is run by fascists and Nazis.

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